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Crane Collapse – $21.4 Million Recovered

Two construction workers, ages 38 and 40, were killed, and a third worker, age 43, was seriously injured when a crane they were on collapsed.

Construction Bridge Collapse $4.5 Million Recovered

37 year-old crane operator was dismantling a construction bridge 25 feet above sidewalk when it collapsed causing him to fall to street, resulting in disabling fractures of L1 vertebrae, left elbow, left ankle, left wrist and of the right ankle, requiring surgery.

Fall From Truck – $4 Million Recovered

A 26 year old truck driver sustained numerous fractures when he fell from his truck because construction site personnel negligently misdirected him.

Demolition Accident – $4 Million Recovered

57 year-old was injured during demolition work when a beam fell on both his legs resulting in an above-the-knee amputation of the right leg and a below-the-knee amputation of the left leg.

Construction Accident – Roof Collapse Man Lift Tips Over $3.75 Million Recovered

38 year-old bridge painter fell 25 feet from man-lift when it rolled into an unguarded trench causing it to tip over, resulting in permanently disabling bilateral leg fractures, wrist fracture and herniated lumbar disc, requiring multiple surgeries.

Shoulder and Brain Injuries – $3 Million Recovered

When an industrial roll of cable struck our client causing shoulder and brain injuries.

Man Struck by Construction Vehicle – Death $3 Million Recovered

37 year-old landscaper, husband and father of a 6-year-old, was at landfill construction site when he was struck by a pay loader that backed up into him crushing him in between two trucks causing his death.

Construction Accident – Fatal Crush Injuries $3 Million Recovered

48 year-old truck driver sustained fatal crush injuries at construction site when the operator of an excavator attempted to use excavator to loosen material on his truck causing the truck to topple over on to him. He was survived by his wife and daughter.

Construction Accident – Fall From Excavating Machine $3 Million Recovered

27-year-old laborer jumped off an excavating machine into a pit when he thought it was going to tip over, causing him to suffer disabling back and left leg injuries with multiple fractures, requiring multiple surgeries.

Wall Collapse, Death – $2.3 Million Recovered

A wall at a construction site fell and crushed the decedent.

Boiler Accident, Death – $2.3 Million Recovered

The decedent was pinned under a boiler door that collapsed.

Construction Accident – Worker Killed by Boulder $2 Million Recovered

48 year-old construction worker fell 35 feet into an excavation pit at a construction site and was then crushed by a boulder, leading to his immediate death. He was survived by his wife and two children.

Construction Accident – Hole in Platform $1.85 Million Recovered

41-year-old carpenter fell through hole in platform he was standing on during building renovation resulting disabling neck, back, shoulder and hip injuries, with multiple surgeries.

Defective Hi-Lo – Multiple Wrist Fractures $1.5 Million Recovered

Defective hi-lo supplied to 47 year-old construction worker caused him to fall and suffer multiple fractures to wrist and elbow and ulnar nerve damage, requiring multiple surgical procedures.

Construction Accident – Falling I-Beam $1.5 Million Recovered

62 year-old construction worker suffered fractures of the skull and of four cervical vertebrae when an I-Beam fell on him during a building demolition.

Construction Accident – Falling Sledgehammer $1.5 Million Recovered

37-year-old male, while sitting in his car in traffic, was struck by a sledgehammer that fell 14 floors from a building under construction, resulting in crush injuries to his left leg requiring multiple surgeries and resulting in osteopenia of the leg.

Auto Accident at Construction Site – $1.5 Million Recovered

Obtained before trial for our client, a 16 year old boy, who suffered a below the knee amputation. The boy was at the side of the road attending to a disabled vehicle at night when a motor vehicle struck him. The motor vehicle operator testified that he was confused by the temporary traffic lane markings and signs resulting from the ongoing construction.

Labor Law – Fall On Construction Debris – $1.3 Million Recovered

A 53 year old electrician fractured both wrists and suffered 2 herniated cervical discs when he fell over construction debris while working in a school basement. He later underwent an arthroscopic procedure on one wrist and a cervical discectomy as a result of this construction accident.

Defective Hose Strikes Worker – $1.2 Million Recovered

Reached immediately before trial for our client, a construction worker, who sustained permanent loss of vision in one eye when he was struck in the eye with cement from a cement hose that we claimed was defective.

Construction Accident – Roof Collapse $1.2 Million Recovered

39-year-old laborer, working on roof under construction, fell when roof collapsed, resulting in fractured ankle with other injuries to foot and knee requiring multiple surgeries.

Roofer Falls – Death $1.25 Million Recovered

56 year-old roofer, married with two children, was repairing roof at country club when he fell through roof and 40 feet to his death.

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