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World Trade Center Settlement – $600 Million Settlement

Following the conclusion of the VCF litigation, firefighters sickened by exposures at the World Trade Center continued to seek our help. We filed the first lawsuits against the City of New York and its contractors for their failure to provide respirators to rescue and recovery workers. Appointed co-liaison counsel, our firm assumed a leading role in a long, difficult fight to secure compensation for all of these brave individuals.

9/11 Victim’s Compensation Claims – $260 Million Claims

Our firm offered free legal services to the families of the firefighters killed, and those injured, at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. We represented 65 families of firefighters/fire officers who lost their lives and 297 firefighters who were injured and applied to the Victim Compensation Fund. While many lawyers requested fees to perform similar services, we always believed that it was appropriate for our firm to perform these services on a pro-bono basis. After two years of working on these claims, we were able to recover $260 million for our clients.

Black Sunday Fire — $183 Million in Settlements

For three Firefighters who were injured, and the families of two Firefighters who died, as a result of an apartment building fire in the Bronx. We brought suit against the building owner for building code violations, including the illegal partitioning of the fire apartment, and the City of New York for failing to provide its firefighters with personal safety ropes. After a six month trial, SPBMC won a $183 Million Verdict against both the City and the Landlord. It is the largest verdict ever obtained against the City of New York in a personal injury action.

Firefighters Killed in Supermarket Fire – $13.5 Settlement

Reached at trial for our clients, the widows of six firefighters killed, and several firefighters injured, at a supermarket fire when the roof from which they were fighting the fire suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed. We claimed that the building did not contain the proper fire-stopping walls in violation of the building code, causing the fire to spread much more rapidly and, in turn, for the roof to collapse prematurely.

Firefighter – Unsafe Flooring – $6 Million Recovered

41-year-old fire department captain, while working at scene of a fire, fell through an improperly supported floor resulting in burns over 75% of body and ultimately in his death.

Firefighter Killed – Lack of Sprinkler System – $ 5.9 Million Recovered

A 30-year old firefighter was killed in a building fire due to the lack of a sprinkler system and other unsafe conditions.

Firefighter – Lack of Self-Closing Doors – Death – $5.2 Million Recovered

A 27-year-old firefighter, married and soon-to-be father, succumbed to smoke in building when fire spread due to the improper removal of self-closing door mechanisms and because the standpipe had been turned off.

Firefighter Struck by Car – $2.3 Million Verdict

For a firefighter who was struck by a car while he was jumping off his fire truck. He was assisting in guiding the truck safely into the firehouse, when a car disregarded the lights on the truck and attempted to drive by the truck. The firefighter fractured his ankle, which resulted in surgery and an inability to continue his duties as a firefighter. The jury found the driver of the car to be 100% at fault.

Firefighter Killed in Floor Collapse – $2 Million Settlement

For the family of a New York City Fire Department Lieutenant, who was killed when the floor collapsed as he was investigating the progress of a fire in a vacant dwelling.

Firefighter Injured – Unsafe Premises – $2 Million Verdict

For our client, a firefighter, who suffered a serious shoulder injury while fighting a fire. We successfully demonstrated to the jury that the vacant building was not properly secured, which allowed vandals to remove the doors, piping and structural components and which created an increased risk of harm to our firefighter.

Firefighter Fatally Misintubated – $1.5 Million Settlement

For our clients, the family of a New York City Fire Department Lieutenant, who died when he was misintubated by ambulance personnel after he collapsed at the scene of a fire.

Firefighter – Hit by Fire Engine – Leg Injuries – $1.3 Million Recovered

Fire engine backed up over a 41-year-old firefighter resulting in several serious fractures to his left leg and foot which required multiple surgeries.

Firefighter – Hit by Taxi – $1.2 Million Recovered

41-year-old firefighter was standing behind his double-parked fire truck when a taxi cab crashed into it, causing him to sustained permanently disabling fractures of the right tibia and fibula requiring multiple surgeries.

Firefighter Killed in Illegal Occupancy Fire – $1.1 Million Settlement

Reached during trial for our clients, the family of a New York City Fire Department Lieutenant, who became lost and disoriented in a smoke-filled 2nd-floor storage room causing him to fall out a vented large floor-to-ceiling window to his death. We offered proof that the landlord had illegally converted the room into a storage room, which did not have the legally required 2nd means of egress or proper fire stopping material.

Firefighter – Fall on Debris – $1 Million Recovered

43-year-old firefighter, while responding to a fire at a construction site, fell on debris herniating 2 discs which required surgery to fuse the discs.

Firefighter – Hit by Fire Engine – Crushed Foot – $1 Million Recovered

Fire Engine runs over the foot of a 42-year old Fire Lieutenant, resulting in crush injuries to the foot requiring 8 surgeries.

Firefighters – Employment Rights

We successfully challenged a recent FDNY attempt to circumvent the “merit & fitness” provisions of the State Constitution for civil service hiring by invalidating a scheme to give hiring preferences to EMS workers seeking to become firefighters. The plan to call such hiring “promotions” was struck down by the Court.

Father’s Day Fire – Confidential Settlement

We successfully represented the widows of firefighters killed and several firefighters who were seriously injured in the Father’s Day Fire.

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