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General Negligence – Buried by Compost – Death $5.9 Million Recovered

A 38-year-old husband and father of three was killed when he was cleaning the back of his truck at a landfill and was buried alive by hot compost which was dumped on him by a careless town employee.

Pool Accident – $5 Million Recovered

Our client, a 2-year-old girl, nearly drowned in an improperly installed above-ground pool. In addition to obtaining contributions from the pool owner, the pool seller, the pool installer and the filter manufacturer, we defeated a specific policy exclusion and recovered $1,000,000 from the insurance carrier for our client’s own parents.

General Negligence – Shark Attack – $2.1 Million Recovered

Our client, a 38-year-old banker had his left leg amputated as a result of a shark attack. An action was brought against the resort because it allowed swimming at its beach despite its proximity to a shark feeding area.

Student Injured on School Trip – $1.9 Million Verdict

For our client, a third grade student on a school trip, who was struck by a taxi. The student’s shoelace became untied and when she reported it to the school aide, she was not permitted to stop and tie it. Rather, she was told to keep moving so that they would not lose the rest of the group. When she got to the intersection, someone stepped on her untied shoelace, causing her to fall and roll on the street where she was hit by a taxi. The student suffered from multiple fractures to her right leg. The jury found the Board of Education 85% liable and the taxi 15% liable.

Child Abuse in Foster Home – $1.8 Million Verdict

Against Foster Care Placement agency and in favor of our client, a 10-year old child, who was repeatedly molested by her foster father during a four-month foster care placement. The jury found the placement agency liable for their failure to provide warranted therapeutic care which would have disclosed the ongoing abuse.

Maritime Accident – $1.8 Million Recovered

For our client, a woman who was rendered a paraplegic after falling from the upper deck to the lower deck of a cabin cruiser. We successfully argued that the hatch, like any opening in a well-traveled floor, should have a cover or guard around it if it is left open.

Slip and Fall – $1.67 Million Recovered

Our client, a 51 year old woman, slipped on an advertisement placed on a sidewalk, and suffered injuries to her knee. The material the advertisement was made of became slippery when it rained.

General Negligence – BB Gun – $1.5 Million Recovered

15-year-old female shot in the eye with a BB gun by another teenager, resulting in a ruptured globe and scleral lacerations requiring multiple surgeries and residual limited vision.

Beach Party Accident – $1.05 Million Recovered

17-year-old high school student was at a beach party when one of the attendees threw a gas canister into a bonfire which exploded and cut the left side of her head. Injuries included a skull fracture with open reduction and internal fixation.

Pedestrian Struck by Bicycle – $1 Million Recovered

51-year-old pedestrian and father of two was struck by a bicycle going the wrong way on a one-way street, causing him to sustain a head injury which ultimately resulted in his death.

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<< Verdicts and Settlements