Failure to Discontinue Chemotherapy – $2 Million Recovered

Reached during trial for our clients, the family of a 43 year-old homemaker with Stage I Breast Cancer who died suddenly after being administered Chemotherapy drug. We contended that, based upon her prior adverse reactions to Chemotherapy, the treating doctor should have known that the patient had developed a potentially fatal hypersensitivity to the drug and thus should have discontinued the Chemotherapy.

Improper Dosage of Blood Thinners – $2 Million Recovered

In favor of our clients, the family of a patient who sustained a year of pain and suffering after severe loss of tissue following the improper administration of blood thinners. We demonstrated to the jury that the nursing staff administered the dosage inappropriately, which resulted in a condition known as skin necrosis. Our client ultimately died a year later of unrelated causes, but the jury nevertheless compensated him for the pain and suffering that he endured prior to his death.

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