Surgical Error – $5 Million Recovered

64-year-old man suffered irreversible and extensive brain damage as a result of a delay in responding to cardio respiratory arrest following surgery for a bilateral knee replacement.

Surgical Error – $4.7 Million Recovered

Hospital was negligent in failing to diagnose and treat post-operative complications of a 50-year-old patient’s thyroid removal causing her to lapse into a coma and suffer permanent brain damage.

Surgical Error – $4.5 Million Recovered

A 20-year-old woman undergoing a cesarean section delivery of her baby was negligently given anesthesia resulting in oxygen deprivation and permanent severe brain damage.

Surgical Malpractice – Short Bowel Syndrome – $4.4 Million Recovered

A 51 year old woman suffered sepsis and the loss of a significant portion of her large and small intestines due to surgical errors that took place during surgery for an intestinal obstruction. She now suffers from small bowel syndrome.

Brain Damage following Thyroidectomy – $4.0 Million Recovered

For our clients, the family of a 38-year old woman who suffered brain damage and total disability after the surgical removal of her thyroid gland. We demonstrated that our client suffered brain damage after a cardiac arrest caused by the failure of hospital and medical personnel to anticipate, recognize and treat hypocalcemia, a known complication of thyroidectomy which can cause the muscles in the throat to constrict.

Mishap During Heart Surgery – $3.5 Million Recovered

Reached at trial for our client, a one-month old baby, who was operated on for heart surgery. We claimed that during the surgery the hospital physicians negligently impaired the circulation in the infant’s leg and thereby caused it to be amputated.

Surgical Error – $3.1 Million Recovered

When performing an outpatient laparoscopic procedure, the surgeon negligently lacerated a young woman’s blood vessels resulting in injuries to internal organs and extended hospitalization.

Surgical Error – $2.9 Million Recovered

A 27-year-old married mother bled to death shortly after the birth of her second child because the hospital doctors performed a hysterectomy causing a hemorrhage.

Surgical Error – $2 Million Recovered

13-month-old infant suffered significant disfigurement of his penis due to a negligently performed surgery, to repair congenital penile defect, caused blood supply to glands of the penis to be cut off.

Surgical Error – $1.975 Million Recovered

Death of a 37-year-old married father of three after spinal surgery resulting from the hospital staff’s failure to diagnose the signs and symptoms of pulmonary embolism.

Orthopedic Malpractice – $1.9 Million Verdict

An orthopedic surgeon failed to properly treat a labral tear and biceps tendon tear resulting in shoulder damage.

Surgical Error – $1.7 Million Recovered

56-year-old husband and father of three died after a benign polyp was removed from his colon because the hospital doctors failed to diagnose and treat his post-operative complications.

Surgical Error – $1.6 Million Recovered

42-year-old married mother of two had an unnecessary right breast mastectomy when her pathology after a biopsy was negligently read incorrectly.

Surgical Error – $1.595 Million Recovered

During an unnecessary procedure to remove pelvic adhesions, a doctor carelessly perforated a 31-year-old patient’s colon causing her to need a colostomy.

Surgical Error – $1.5 Million Recovered

A 48-year-old married father of two died as a result of being prematurely extubated following surgery. In addition, the anesthesiologist was not equipped to re-intubate when the decedent suffered respiratory distress soon after the pre-mature removal of the ventilator.

Surgical Error – $1.5 Million Recovered

43-year-old man, who had a laparoscopic banding procedure, suffered from an infection resulting in a massive hernia in his abdomen due to sepsis caused by bowel injuries during the procedure that were not diagnosed.

Surgical Error – $1.475 Million Recovered

Diabetic woman in her mid 60’s suffered a below-the-knee amputation after a surgical incision in her lower leg became infected and was not treated properly.

Surgical Malpractice – Perforated Stomach – $1.4 Million Recovered

A 38 year old man suffered a perforated stomach when his surgeon negligently performed a laparoscopic banding operation and installed the wrong sized banding device.

Surgical Error – $1.4 Million Recovered

35-year-old woman, suffered a stroke after the doctors failed to diagnose post-operative bleeding resulting in a severe drop in blood pressure.

Surgical Error – $1.3 Million Recovered

A 27-year old man, single, who was born with his heart’s major vessels reversed suffered a respiratory and cardiac arrest during a routine cardiac catheterization due to the negligence of the attending physician who administered an excessive amount of anesthetic resulting in his death. He was survived by his parents.

Surgical Error – $1.25 Million Recovered

While performing a hysterectomy, a 41-year-old patient’s gynecologist perforated her colon and failed to discover it, requiring her to have a temporary colostomy and several surgical procedures, as well as damage to her bladder.

Death of Baby and Injured Mother – $1.2 Million Recovered

When physicians punctured the mother’s uterus and failed to timely deliver the baby.

Surgical Error – $1.15 Million Recovered

A plastic surgeon, who was not board certified, performed liposuction on a 37-year-old patient’s thighs so incompetently that she was permanently scarred and almost died.

Surgical Error – $1 Million Recovered

A 53-year-old mother of three, caring for a son with multiple sclerosis died because of negligently performed gall bladder surgery.

*These results do not guarantee a similar outcome.