New Jersey Tow Truck Collision – $15 Million Settlement

Our client sustained a traumatic brain injury in a collision with a state-owned two truck. Read more here.

Multi-Vehicle Collision – $13.1 Million Verdict

For our client, who lost one leg below the knee and the other above the knee. Our client was involved in a fender-bender on a highway and was standing in front of her car when, we claimed, a tractor-trailer came to a sudden stop causing another car to swerve out from behind the jackknifed tractor-trailer and to strike our client’s car which in turn struck her. The key to our case was persuading the Jury that the tractor-trailer operator was at fault, which we successfully accomplished. The Jury also found our client to be free of any fault.

Car Strikes Pole – $11 Million Recovered

37-year-old married father of two was a passenger in back seat of his own car that went off the road and hit a pole which went through the front windshield of the car and fatally struck him.

Motorcycle Accident – Paraplegia $8.8 Million Recovered

32-year-old motorcyclist struck a turning car in order to avoid an illegally parked truck, resulting in permanent spinal cord damage and paraplegia.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Paraplegia $7.2 Million Recovered

23-year-old female teacher passenger in a two-car collision resulting in complete paraplegia.

Bus Injuries Bicyclist – Amputation $7.1 Million Recovered

NYCTA bus failed to stop after 26-year-old bicyclist went through a red light and hit the side of a bus, causing the bus’s rear wheel to run over his leg, resulting in a below-the-knee amputation.

Cyclist Struck by Bus – $7 Million Recovered

38-year-old man on a bicycle going to work was struck by a bus that crossed over three lanes of traffic. Injuries included multiple fractures of legs, pelvis, shoulder, ruptured spleen and crushed reproductive organs, resulting in multiple surgeries.

Multiple Vehicle Accident – $6.7 Million Recovered

65-year-old female passenger in multiple vehicle accident suffered severe head injuries resulting in her death 18 months later. She was survived by 3 adult children.

Injured Passenger Not Provided Seatbelt – $5.9 Million Verdict

In favor of our client, one of nine passengers in a rental car that was only equipped with enough seatbelts for six passengers. Our client was one of the unbelted passengers seated in the cargo area of the car when it struck a disabled tractor-trailer on the roadway on a rainy night. Our client broke her neck as a result of the impact and wore a halo brace for several months and developed traumatic arthritis in the area of her neck. The jury found the rental car company 45% responsible (for not having seatbelts for all of the passengers), the tractor-trailer 45% responsible (for failing to properly warn oncoming vehicles that it was disabled on the roadway) and the driver of the rental car 10% responsible.

Road Maintenance Vehicle Stopped in Left Lane – $5 Million Recovered

Our client was driving his vehicle in the left lane of traffic when he suddenly encountered a roadway maintenance vehicle stopped in front of his vehicle. There were no lane warnings or flagmen to indicate that roadwork was being performed. When he attempted to move around the maintenance truck his vehicle was struck by a tanker truck crushing his vehicle. He suffered an above the knee amputation and serious pelvic fractures that required multiple surgical procedures.

Motorcyclist Dragged by Truck – $5.5 Million Recovered

45-year-old motorcyclist hit and dragged by truck resulting in traumatic crush injuries to both legs and eventual amputation of one leg above the knee.

Child Runs into Side of Bus – $5 Million Recovered

Reached at trial for our client, a child, who ran into the side of a moving Transit Authority bus and sustained brain damage. Our claim was that the bus driver could have avoided the accident had he operated his vehicle in a more careful manner.

Pedestrian Struck by Bus – Loss of Legs $5 Million Recovered

57-year-old female pedestrian in crosswalk was run over by a NYCTA bus which failed to yield right of way, resulting in loss of both legs.

Bicyclist Dragged by Bus – Degloving Injury $4.2 Million Recovered

A 27-year-old bicyclist suffered severe damage to her left arm when she was dragged and run over by a NYCTA bus whose driver carelessly failed to see her. She suffered degloving injuries and multiple fractures to her left arm, which required several surgeries including the insertion of hardware and skin grafting.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Herniated Discs $4.1 Million Recovered

A metal portion of a passing truck became unsecured and hit a 45-year-old motorist, causing several herniated discs in his neck which required multiple surgical procedures.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Sanitation Truck Flips Onto Vehicle of Decedent – $4 Million Recovered

The defendant knowingly operated a sanitation truck with defective brakes that caused the truck to flip onto the decedent’s car, killing her. The victim was a married, 57 year old mother of two.

Pedestrian Struck by Rented Vehicle – $3.6 Million Recovered

Was reached just prior to trial for our client, who sustained a serious back injury when a rented vehicle mounted the sidewalk and struck her. She required extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation and is now limited in the daily activities that she could perform.

Pedestrian Struck In Cross-Walk – $3.5 Verdict

In favor of our client, who suffered multiple bilateral leg fractures, requiring extensive hospitalization and surgery, when she was struck down by a car as she was crossing the street at the corner with a green light. The injuries left her with a one-inch shortening of the right leg.

Recovery in Excess of Auto Insurance Coverage

For our client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident where the defendant had failed to cooperate with his insurance carrier. After an inquest, a settlement was reached with the defendant’s insurance company for more than the actual policy limits using a novel application of the bad faith doctrine against the insurance company.

Pedestrian Struck by Bus – Below Knee Amputation $3.5 Million Recovered

55-year old female pedestrian in crosswalk run over by NYCTA bus which failed to yield right of way, resulting in below-the-knee amputation.

Bicyclist Dragged by Bus – Brain Damage $3.1 Million Recovered

16-year-old bicyclist struck by car sustaining head injuries. Emergency room discharged him without proper treatment for head injury, resulting in brain damage.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Paraplegia $3 Million Recovered

30-year-old expectant father driving home from gym was struck by a city ambulance that failed to slow down at intersection, resulting in paraplegia.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Neurological Injuries $2.9 Million Recovered

A 61-year-old retired Fire chief while driving was struck by city owned van that ran red light causing brain trauma, coma and multiple neurological injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Rear End Collision $2.7 Million Recovered

50-year-old corporate recruiter was in his car when it was rear-ended by a box truck resulting in herniated discs to his lumbar and cervical spine that required multiple surgical procedures.

Pedestrian Fatally Struck by Two Vehicles’ Successive Collisions – $2.2 Million Verdict

In favor of our clients, the family of a pedestrian who was struck down by an SUV that ran a red light, which then crashed into a newsstand. A City Transit Bus operator, after seeing the SUV crash, proceeded into the intersection and ran over the victim. We proved that the Bus Operator was negligent in not stopping the bus and that our client’s husband was still alive when the bus ran him over. The Jury found both operators to be liable for his death, attributing the majority of the fault to the Bus Operator.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Traumatic Brain Injury $2.2 Million Recovered

A 38-year-old married passenger in a taxi cab, which was struck by another vehicle, suffered a traumatic brain injury and internal injuries, requiring multiple surgeries.

Pedestrian Killed by Van – $2.2 Million Recovered

Our client, a 79 year old man, was struck and killed when the driver of a van that was backing up and didn’t see him. His wife also received compensation as she was in the zone of danger when her husband was hit by the van.

Man Pinned Against Wall by Automobile – $2.2 Million Recovered

28-year-old accountant was assisting his father with car repair in his parent’s garage when the father inadvertently caused car to accelerate pinning son between the car and garage wall. Injuries included fractures to both legs.

Jogger Hit by Car – $2.2 Million Recovered

38-year-old Nassau County Police Officer was jogging and crossing the street when he was struck by a motor vehicle making a left turn, causing him to sustain an open, depressed comminuted skull fractures, epidural hematoma, subdural hematoma, requiring a right craniotomy.

Car Runs Stop Sign – Death $2 Million Recovered

66-year-old motorist, and father of two, was struck by another motor vehicle which ran a stop sign forcing his vehicle into oncoming traffic, causing him to suffer a lacerated thoracic aorta, acute subarachnoid hemorrhage, blunt force trauma to the head and multiple fractures, which led to his death.

Tractor Trailer Accident – $2 Million Recovered

51-year-old was passenger in a motor vehicle hit by a tractor-trailer that ran a red light. Her injuries included closed head injury, fractures to her skull, jaw, both shoulders, nose and her right leg and hand.

Handicapped Pedestrian Struck by Truck – $1.8 Million Recovered

24-year-old handicapped pedestrian crossing the street in her wheelchair when she was struck by a truck making a right turn. Injuries included amputated of three fingers of right hand, comminuted fracture of the right hip and leg with surgery.

Passenger Ejected from Car – $1.8 Million Recovered

20-year-old passenger in a vehicle struck in the rear by another vehicle which caused the passenger to be ejected from the car and thrown 40 feet. Injuries included open depressed skull fracture, right frontal with dural laceration, degloving of the right hand , cervical and thoracic fractures of the spine.

Pedestrian Struck by Bus – $1.7 Million Recovered

27-year-old female pedestrian was in crosswalk when she was run over by a MTA bus that failed to yield right of way, resulting in crushing soft tissue injuries to legs that led to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

Automobile Accident – Rear Ended – Multiple Injuries – $1.7 Million Recovered

Our client was a passenger in an automobile that was rear ended when a motorcycle stopped suddenly in front of her car. She sustained fractured ribs, facial lacerations, two fractured vertebrae and internal bleeding.

Officer Responding To Emergency – $1.7 Million Verdict

In favor of our client, a police officer responding to another officer in need of assistance went through a red light with lights and sirens on and was struck by a bus which had the green light. The officer sustained a fracture of the jaw, requiring the insertion of a plate; fractured clavicle and problems with his memory. The jury found no negligence on the part of the injured officer.

Pedestrian Struck by Bus – Orthopedic and Neurological Injuries $1.6 Million Recovered

72-year-old male pedestrian in crosswalk was struck down by a NYCTA bus which failed to yield right of way, resulting in head injury with cognitive deficits, and injuries to his back, left shoulder and wrist requiring surgery.

Police Officer Struck by Bus – $1.5 Million Recovered

31-year-old Police Officer was responding to a call when his vehicle was struck by a bus at an intersection, resulting in permanently disabling injuries, including a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures of his face.

Pedestrian Struck by Automobile – Multiple Injuries $1.5 Million Recovered

71-year-old part-time librarian was struck by a motor vehicle while in the cross-walk resulting in fractured left tibial plateau requiring surgery, and fractures to the ribs and skull with residual cognitive deficits.

Truck Accident – $1.5 Million Recovered

42-year- old driver struck in rear by utility truck which was struck by another truck. Injuries included an aggravation of lower back condition and herniated discs, requiring fusion surgery at L4-L5, right shoulder surgery; and also tears of the labrum and rotator cuff of the right shoulder with subluxation of the humeral head requiring surgery.

Motorcycle Struck by Ambulance – $1.3 Million Recovered

35-year old father and 10-year old son traveling on motorcycle were fatally struck by a private ambulance which ran red light on way to call. They both were survived by 32-year old wife and mother.

Hit By Van, Cruch Injuries – $1.2 Million Recovered

Our client was hit by a van suffering pelvic injuries and internal injuries.

Passenger in Police Car – $1.2 Million Recovered

30-year-old female passenger in the rear seat of a police car sustained a traumatic brain injury when it was rear-ended by a drunk driver.

Police Vehicle Crosses Center of Road – $1.2 Million Recovered

50-year-old man, driving home in his vehicle, was struck by a police vehicle which crossed the double yellow line, when the police office operator allegedly swerved to avoid hitting a deer.

Pedestrian Stuck on Highway – $1.2 Million Recovered

40-year-old pedestrian crossing a highway was struck by truck. Injuries include a below-the-knee amputation of left leg.

Car Strikes Fire Truck – $1.2 Million Recovered

28-year-old twin sisters were rear passengers in their father’s motor vehicle that swerved around a landscaping truck causing it to strike an oncoming fire truck. Injuries included the death of one sister and the second sister sustained serious fracture of the left orbit and maxillary sinus walls.

Pedestrian Struck While Crossing Street – $1.2 Million Recovered

17-year-old female pedestrian struck by vehicle while crossing the street against the light, resulting in multiple injuries, including traumatic brain injury, right orbital roof fracture, comminuted fractures of the left iliac wing and ilium and fracture and torn ligaments of the right knee.

Pedestrian Struck by Bus – Crush Injuries to Legs $1.2 Million Recovered

29-year-old pedestrian in the crosswalk was struck by a bus making a left turn, causing her to suffer degloving and crush injuries to both legs, requiring surgery.

Pedestrian Struck by Minivan – $1.2 Million Recovered

A 27-year-old pedestrian was struck by a minivan which illegally changed lane, resulting in fractures to his left elbow and a lacerated spleen, both of which required surgery, as well as a dislocated right hip and lacerated liver.

Passenger in Car Driven by Drunk Driver – $1.1 Million Recovered

20-year-old passenger in a vehicle operated by intoxicated driver that left roadway and struck a tree. Injuries included lower lip avulsion, multiple fractures to right leg, ankle and wrist, multiple fractures to jaw, multiple fractures to occipital bone and zygomatic arch in the face and multiple surgeries.

Pedestrian Struck by Automobile – Amputation $1 Million Recovered

16-year-old hit by car while walking on a roadway under construction resulting in above the knee amputation.

Pelvic Fractures, Passenger – $1 Million Recovered

Our client, who was a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver, suffered pelvic fractures requiring surgical intervention.

Pedestrian Killed – $1 Million Recovered

Death of a 35-year-old married professional ballet dancer, who, while a pedestrian, was struck down by a motor vehicle.

Pedestrian Accident – $1 Million Recovered

Our client, a 59 year old man, was caused to suffer a fractured leg and ankle after he was struck by a car while crossing the street. He required three surgical procedures on his leg, including an ORIF procedure.

Pedestrian Struck by Car – Brain Injury $1 Million Recovered

60-year-old pedestrian struck by vehicle in intersection resulting in traumatic brain injury, fractured pelvis and fractures of the right tibia and fibula requiring surgery.

Pedestrian Killed in Crosswalk – $1 Million Recovered

61-year-old male pedestrian in a crosswalk struck down by driver blinded by sun, causing him to sustain a broken leg and to develop an infection while in the hospital which led to his death.

Pedestrian Struck by Taxi While Unloading Van – $1 Million Recovered

42-year-old unloading baggage from rear of van when an under-insured taxi cab rear-ended the van pinning him between the two vehicles and resulting in crush injuries to his left leg that had to be amputated above the knee.

Head On Collision – $1 Million Recovered

Husband and wife, ages 49 and 45, respectively, were passengers in a motor vehicle struck by another vehicle struck head on by another vehicle that crossed over into oncoming traffic. The wife sustained fractures to her right wrist and ankle as well as a fractured nose and a concussion. The husband sustained a comminuted fracture of the right femur requiring surgery, as did a tear to the aorta, as well as a fractured left pelvis.

*These results do not guarantee a similar outcome.