Police Shooting – Boy Paralyzed – $92 Million Verdict

Against the City and in favor of our client, a 17-year old boy who was shot by a police officer, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. This was a re-trial of a case which had resulted in a jury verdict of $41 Million. The policeman alleged that our client pointed his gun at the officer and was about to shoot him. But the young man claimed that he had already dropped his gun and was on his knees. The jury unanimously held that the policeman’s shooting of the plaintiff was not legally justified.

Woman Struck By Subway Train – $14.6 Verdict

Against the Transit Authority and in favor of our client, a 36-year old woman, who lost part of her hand and received serious skull fractures when she was hit while on the subway tracks. We proved that the train operator had been warned of her presence but he nevertheless failed to bring the train to a safe stop.

Police Car Strikes Pedestrian – $14.45 Verdict

Against the City Of New York for the negligent operation of a police car that struck down a pedestrian crossing in the middle of the block resulting in permanent and disabling brain damage. The Jury found the police officer to be 100% at fault.

Man Struck By Subway Train – $5.13 Verdict

Against the Transit Authority and in favor of our clients, the family of a 56-year old man who died when he was struck by a train. He had been standing on a subway platform when he became dizzy, collapsed and fell on the subway tracks. We proved to the jury that the train operator was negligent in not noticing the plaintiff on the tracks in time to bring the train to a safe stop.

Defective Crosswalk – Pedestrian Falls – $3 Million Recovered

Our client was injured when she walked into a pothole that had been created as a result of defective roadway repairs. She severely injured her shoulder which required surgery. The jury agreed that the defective repairs had been negligently made.

No Guardrails – Driver Strikes Tree – $3 Million Recovered

Reached during trial for our client, who sustained serious head injuries when her vehicle left the road surface and struck a tree adjoining the road. It was successfully demonstrated that a guardrail should have been installed along the road surface to prevent vehicles from striking the trees, which were set too close to the road. We demonstrated that the placement of trees two feet from the side of a major cross street was an improper design and that it was the cause of our client’s injuries.

Municipal Vehicle Strikes Pedestrian – $2 Million Verdict

Before reduction for comparative fault of our client, who was crossing the Cross-Bronx Expressway at night when he was struck by a New York City Department of Parks vehicle. He suffered permanent brain damage and had no recall of the incident. The jury found that the accident was caused, in part, by the negligence of the driver of the City vehicle even though our client was crossing a major highway in the dark.

Police Cars Collide at Intersection – $2 Million Verdict

In favor of our client, a police officer, who was injured in an intersection collision between two police cars that were each responding to emergency calls. Our client sustained a fractured jaw requiring open reduction and internal fixation and a fracture of the cervical spine.

Excessive Use of Police Force – Head Injuries – $2 Million Verdict

In favor of our client, a truck driver, who was beaten by police and who sustained a fracture of the skull and a hearing loss in one ear. The jury found, unanimously, that the police officers used excessive force and then tried to cover up what they had done.

Police Pursuit – Pedestrian Injured – $1.75 Million Verdict

In favor of our client, a young boy, who was playing in the street with his friends when he was struck by a stolen car that was being pursued by a police car. We proved that the police conducted a negligent chase at a dangerous rate of speed. Our client suffered from a head injury and a broken leg. The jury found the City of New York 100% liable.

Trip and Fall on Subway Grating – $1.6 Million Verdict

Our client suffered a badly fractured elbow, requiring surgery, when he was walking down the street and tripped on a raised portion of the subway grating on the sidewalk. We demonstrated that the Transit Authority failed to inspect and repair the subject area and that Transit Authority personnel were supposed to check each subway grating on a monthly basis. The jury agreed that the failure by the Transit Authority to correct the defect resulted in our client’s fall.

Rock Slide – Fatal Auto Accident – $1.6 Million Recovered

Against the New York State Thruway Authority and in favor of our clients, a passenger and family of a driver of a car struck by a boulder during the course of a rock slide on the State Thruway. The driver was killed and the passenger sustained post-traumatic stress disorder. We discovered documents from 1957 which revealed that the State’s own engineer recommended, on the basis of a recent rockslide, that the face of the mountain bordering the Thruway be removed to avoid future rockslides. Ignoring it’s own engineers’ recommendation, the State instead merely “bolted and strapped” boulders in the area of the rock slide.

Defective Sanitation Truck Transmission – $1.5 Million Recovered

For our client, a City Sanitation Worker, who suffered a crushed pelvis when a garbage truck he had brought to a stop and just exited suddenly began to roll down a hill and ran over him as he attempted to jump back into the cab. We demonstrated that the truck’s transmission shifter was defective and our expert asserted that this defect caused the truck to go out of neutral and into drive thereby causing the accident. *These results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

*These results do not guarantee a similar outcome.