Unsafe Premises – Gas Leak – $25 Million Recovered

A 43-year-old man and his two-year-old daughter suffered 70% and 50% total body surface burns, respectively, when a gas explosion occurred in their apartment. The father died from his burns and was survived by his wife and three children.

Defective Circuit Breakers in Apartment – $10.5 Million Verdict

In favor of our client, whose 4-year old daughter died in an apartment fire but only after she frantically tried to save her. The verdict was against the building owner which improperly installed the wrong circuit breakers in the apartment building. As a result, heat which was generated from an overloaded circuit caused a fire in the apartment. Expert testimony demonstrated that the fire would have been prevented had the appropriate circuit breakers been installed to shut down the electrical source of the heat, which ultimately resulted in the fire. Jury unanimously held that the owner was negligent in failing to have adequate circuit breakers and rendered one of the largest awards ever for the death of an infant.

Unsafe Premises – Door Sill – $9.6 Million Recovered

33-year-old intoxicated tenant tripped on a defective metal door sill as he was leaving his building, causing him to fall over parapet wall and down cellar steps, rendering him a paraplegic.

Unsafe Premises – Fire – $6.25 Million Recovered

51-year-old housewife sustained 3rd degree burns to 70% of her body as a result of a building fire where there were no self-closing doors.

Unsafe Premises – Fire – $6 Million Recovered

7-year-old child sustained 3rd degree burns to 50% of her body as a result of a building fire where there were no self-closing doors.

Worker Falls From Telephone Pole – $5.5 Million Verdict

Our client, a telephone lineman, was rendered a paraplegic when the telephone pole he had climbed fell over. The pole had previously been cut by his employer. We proved that the Utility Company was negligent in failing to maintain the pole or in not warning our client of the danger.

Fall Causes Aggravation of Multiple Sclerosis – $4 Million Recovered

Our client, a deliveryman, tripped and fell over a concrete footing that was being constructed. The major injury claimed was exacerbation of underlying multiple sclerosis. Defendant argued that such a condition could not be aggravated by trauma. We successfully proved to the Jury otherwise.

Deliveryman Shot in Apartment Building – $4 Million Recovered

Reached during trial for our client, a deliveryman, shot by two unknown assailants who were able to gain entry through the unattended front door of an apartment building. Our client was left paralyzed below the waist. We claimed that the building’s security was inadequate in not having a guard posted at the entrance at all times in light of the history of crime in the building area, according to records we obtained.

Unsafe Premises – Rotted Tree – $3.5 Million Recovered

35-year-old motorist was impaled by a rotted tree limb that broke off a diseased tree during a storm causing fractured pelvis and internal injuries requiring multiple surgical procedures.

Unsafe Premises – Paint Fire – $3.385 Million Recovered

Death of 66-year-old father and of a 68-year-old mother of three adult children, with two of the adult children, ages 42 and 45, sustaining 16% and 25% total surface body burns when their building caught fire because of the improper discarding of paint supplies which acted as an accelerant when negligently placed together with the daily garbage.

Unsafe Premises – Fire – $3.25 Million Recovered

4-year-old toddler sustained 3rd degree burns to 30% of her body as a result of a building fire where there were no self-closing doors.

Unsafe Premises – Building Collapse – $3 Million Recovered

Demolition caused building facade to collapse on top of 50-year-old grandmother walking on sidewalk resulting in bilateral leg fractures requiring surgery which left terrible scarring.

Unsafe Premises – Lack of Security – $2 Million Recovered

13 Year old girl prevented safe entry into building and sexually assaulted by an intruder who entered into building due to long broken front door intercom buzzer system.

Unsafe Premises – Fire – $2 Million Recovered

3-year-old toddler sustained burns to 18% of her body as a result of a building fire where there were no self-closing doors.

Unsafe Premises – Defective Stairway – $2 Million Recovered

48-year-old building porter fell down stairs due to defective handrail resulting in permanently disabling back, neck and shoulder injuries, with multiple surgeries.

Student Injured on School Trip – $1.95 Million Verdict

For our client, a third grade student on a school trip, who was struck by a taxicab. The student’s shoelace became untied and when she reported it to the school aide, she was not permitted to stop and tie it. Rather, she was told to keep moving so that they would not lose the rest of the group. When she got to the intersection, someone stepped on her untied shoelace, causing her to fall and roll on the street where she was hit by a taxicab. The student suffered from multiple fractures to her right leg. The jury found the Board of Education 85% liable and the taxicab 15% liable.

Facial Burns and Scarring – $1.9 Million Recovered

When our client suffered facial burns and scarring as a result of a building fire. The building lacked proper fire alarms and fire control measures.

Child Abuse in Foster Home – $1.8 Verdict

Against Foster Care Placement agency and in favor of our client, a l0-year old child, who was repeatedly molested by her foster father during a four-month foster care placement. The jury found the placement agency liable for their failure to provide warranted therapeutic care which would have disclosed the ongoing abuse.

Unsafe Premises – Fire – $1.625 Million Recovered

31-year-old restaurant worker sustained 3rd degree burns to 50% of his body as a result of a building fire where there were no self-closing doors. He died 13 days after the incident.

Unsafe Premises – Fire – $1.625 Million Recovered

36-year-old housewife sustained 3rd degree burns to 32% of her body as a result of a building fire where there were no self-closing doors.

Unsafe Premises – Defective Elevator – $1.5 Million Recovered

Malfunctioning elevator caused a 39-year-old tenant to fall two stories, resulting in hip and pelvic fractures requiring surgery.

Unsafe Premises – Scalding Bathroom Water – $1.5 Million Recovered

16-month-old girl sustained 33-36% total body surface burns requiring multiple surgeries and resulted in scarring due to excessively hot bathwater.

Unsafe Premises – Scalding Bathroom Water – $1.5 Million Recovered

19-year-old female sustained scalding burns to 25% of her total body surface requiring multiple surgical procedures with residual severe scarring due to excessively hot water while showering.

Unsafe Premises – Lack of Security – $1.475 Million Recovered

16-year-old boy became a paraplegic when he was shot by an intruder who illegally entered a building lobby because the front door lock remained broken despite tenant complaints.

Unsafe Premises – Defective Elevator – $1.4 Million Recovered

19-year-old laborer slipped and fell while attempting to descend onto the top of an elevator to clean it, resulting in a head injury and multiple fractures.

Unsafe Premises – Scalding Bathroom Water – $1.25 Million Recovered

2-year-old boy burned in scalding hot sink water sustaining burns to both lower legs constituting 29% of his total body surface resulting in multiple surgeries and scarring.

Unsafe Premises – Store – $1.25 Million Recovered

Broken shelf at home improvement store cause metal beam to hit a 61-year-old customer in face resulting in loss of eye and blindness.

Trip And Fall Over Renovated Sidewalk – $1.2 Million Verdict

Against the building owner and contractor, and in favor of our client, who tripped over a raised masonite strip taped over an expansion joint in front of the Building in which she was a tenant. We proved that the strips had not been properly placed. She suffered torn ligaments of the wrist leading to arthritis, arthroscopic surgery and eventually a wrist fusion.

Unsafe Premises – Broken Sidewalk – $1 Million Recovered

47-year-old pedestrian tripped over a broken sidewalk caused by construction vehicles, which resulted in his suffering serious fractures to the right wrist and elbow with nerve damage that required multiple surgeries.

Infant Falls Due to Unsecured Window Guard – $1 Million Verdict

In favor of our client, a 4-year-old, who fell out of an apartment window, which was not properly equipped with a window guard. As a result of the fall our client was in a coma for 5 days and was forced to take special education classes. The defendants argued that our client’s problems were congenital but the jury found in our client’s favor.

Unsafe Premises – Fire – $1 Million Recovered

17-year-old student sustained 1st and 2nd degree burns to 20% of his body as a result of a building fire where there were no self-closing doors.

Pelvic Fractures, Passenger – $1 Million Recovered

Our client, who was a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver, suffered pelvic fractures requiring surgical intervention.

Slip and Fall on Wet Floor – $1 Million Verdict

Our client, a patron of a high-end retail department store, slipped and fell on a wet terrazzo floor suffering a fractured hip. The Jury found the establishment to have been 100% at fault in not putting down mats at the entrance once it began to rain.

*These results do not guarantee a similar outcome.