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Unguarded machines and construction equipment pose serious risks of workers falling into them, or of workers’ limbs getting caught in the machinery. Workers getting caught in or between equipment or objects is the fourth-leading cause of construction worker death in the U.S. If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury because of unguarded equipment at a construction site, contact us to discuss your case.

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Why You Need a Lawyer

Construction site accidents may involve complex workers’ compensation laws if the victim was on the job at the time of injury. Workers’ compensation insurance companies may try to deny valid claims or offer as little as possible to cover damages. An employer could also deny the claim, preventing the injured construction worker from obtaining fair recovery. A lawyer looks out for the best interests of those with injuries. Hiring an attorney can help you stand up against insurance companies and aggressively fight for full compensation.

The Danger of Unguarded Tools

On an active construction site, workers must account for every tool. Hammers, screwdrivers, power tools, building materials, and machinery all have specific places and safety measures in a construction zone. When owners and contractors fail to ensure proper rules are followed, such as only using machinery with the proper safety guards, dangerous accidents happen.

Unguarded equipment, such as a table saw without a proper guard, could be deadly. If a site manager fails to properly inspect tools and equipment prior to use, something like a missing guard could risk the lives of construction workers. Workers could fall into unguarded machinery, or the tool could suck in a worker’s limbs. Traumatic amputations, crush injuries, and fatal falls can all occur from unguarded machinery at construction sites.

Determining Liability

It is a construction site owner or manager’s duty to maintain a reasonably safe place to work. The construction company must hire the right people, adequately train them, equip them with safety gear, and keep up with tool and equipment maintenance. It is also the construction site manager’s job to oversee daily work activities, such as the use of dangerous machinery. Managers should inspect each site for safety hazards, repair known dangers, and warn contractors of potential hazards the manager knows to exist on the property.

If a tool should have a safety guard, but it either lacks a guard or its guard has damage, that tool could be unreasonably dangerous for construction workers. It is the construction company’s duty to notice these types of risks and to remedy them before injuries occur. Failure to do so, resulting in serious or fatal construction worker injury, is negligence. The construction company will be liable for an unguarded tool accident if the company reasonably should have prevented the hazard.

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