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SPBMCC Partner James Wilkens Secures $850,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death

January 9, 2023 in

On Oct. 27, 2022, SPBMCC Firm Partner James Wilkens secured an $850,000 settlement for the family of a 32-year-old woman who died as a result of the negligent care of her cardiologist.

32-Year-Old Enters Emergency Room with Shortness of Breath, Chest Pain

The decedent presented to an emergency room after experiencing shortness of breath and chest pain and was told to consult with her cardiologist to receive a stress test. After consulting with her cardiologist, he neither ordered a stress test nor performed an electrocardiogram to assess her heart. The woman later died. 

Cardiologist Fails to Order Tests

The woman’s sudden death was attributed to atherosclerosis, which could have been detected and treated with appropriate testing. 

Plaintiff Suffers Dramatic Life Changes

The decedent was unemployed at the time of her death. Under New York state law, insurance companies are generally protected in wrongful death cases; this would have limited the economic recovery for the suffering of her loved ones due to her low economic loss. However, the firm was able to negotiate a substantial settlement for the decedent’s spouse and mom. The case was settled for $850,000. 

Learn More About James F. Wilkens

James Wilkens, a member of the firm, is a vigorous advocate for people injured due to medical malpractice. His legal skills and experience have helped his clients achieve successful settlements in all types of medical malpractice cases. To learn more about firm attorney James Wilkens, click here


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