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6-Year-Old Boy In Critical Condition After Falling Down Elevator Shaft in Bronx Apartment Building

On April 21st, 2022, a six-year-old boy accidentally fell down an elevator shaft in a six-story Bronx apartment building and suffered life-threatening injuries including a fractured skull. Officers and firefighters found him unconscious on top of the elevator around 12:45 pm that day.

Child Finds Unlocked Door to Elevator Shaft From Roof of Apartment Building

The young boy had left his apartment on the first floor where his grandfather and home attendant were watching him and ventured to the sixth floor via the stairwell. He then discovered a second stairwell which took him to the roof of the apartment building. There, he found an unlocked door leading to the elevator shaft, where he fell through a half-foot gap in the grate that covered the shaft. It is unclear at this time how far the boy fell.

The child was known for wandering off and visiting neighbors in the apartment building. When his grandfather heard the front door close that day, he discovered that his grandson had unlocked the door and left the apartment. 

1235 Grand Concourse Has a History of Building Violations and Resident Complaints

According to the New York Times, the conditions of the apartment building where the fall took place have been the source of dozens of resident complaints in the past few decades. Several of the complaints have cited elevator violations. Specifically, three elevator violations filed from 2020 to 2021 have still not been resolved–two cases of elevators lacking systems to stop them from moving while the doors were open, and a case of improper ventilation. 

Inspectors of the building have issued more than 40 other elevator violation notices since 1989, and all of them were either resolved or dismissed. In the case of the most recent elevator fall, it remains unclear how the child was able to successfully gain access to the elevator shaft from the roof, and which premises liability codes were violated. 

Further, there remains an active lawsuit filed against the building’s president, Michael Goldberg, who has been accused by building residents of “buying up shares in the property with the goal of improperly trying to take control of it,” according to the New York Times

Elevator Accidents are Serious and Often Fatal–Contact SPBMCC For Legal Representation

The recent incident of a six-year-old boy becoming critically injured after falling down an elevator shaft is a terrible–and entirely preventable–tragedy. While it is still unclear how the child was able to gain access to the dangerous and unrestrained entryway to the elevator shaft, it is clear the building may not have been properly secured. While rare, elevator accidents are a dangerous and often fatal type of accident that can occur due to negligence on-premises.

Ultimately, any seemingly small acts of negligence that occur on a residential property can lead to disastrous events, such as the event that occurred on April 21st, 2022. At SPBMCC, our premises liability attorneys are passionate about keeping New York and New Jersey residents safe. If you or a loved one has ever suffered a serious or even fatal injury resulting from an elevator malfunction–or any type of premises liability matter–do not hesitate to contact SPBMCC to schedule a free consultation: call (212) 732-9000 today.

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