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With over a million people living and working in Nassau County, accidents are bound to happen. In addition to the normal hazards presented by congested byways, wintry sidewalks, and frequent construction. If you or a loved one ever get injured or fall victim to medical malpractice you will need an experienced Garden City personal injury lawyer and that’s where we come in. Whether you have been injured on private property or a public area, when an accident happens, trust our Garden City personal injury lawyers to pursue your claim.

Garden City Injury Lawyers Serving All Of Nassau County

Our office in Garden City provides the area with the highest level of experience when dealing with any kind of personal injury, from a slip-and-fall to boating accidents at the shore. Having a nearby lawyer familiar with the area and the courts can make the difference in a personal injury suit. Additionally, if you are injured and need to speak with an attorney, commuting to a distant office or speaking on the phone can be inconvenient.

Personal injury lawsuits generally fall under New York statutes, but with miles of shoreline in Nassau County, a special division of legal practice exists that includes a complex subset of laws and regulations, which our attorneys have extensive experience with. After an accident and injury, protect your rights on and off the water by relying on our local attorneys who know the laws that apply to your individual situation.

Cases We Handle

Or law office handles all types of personal injury claims in New York.  Let us help you if you have one of the following cases:

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