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17 People Dead and Dozens More Injured in Worst NYC Fires in Decades

On Sunday, January 9th, a Bronx apartment fire lead to the deaths of 17 individuals, including eight children, and many more left in critical condition after suffering serious injuries. The horrific incident was one of the most severe New York City fires in decades.


Faulty Space Heater Ignites in Duplex, Causes Massive Apartment Fire


The tragic accident was caused by a malfunctioning space heater that caught fire; the blaze was able to spread quickly throughout the Bronx apartment building after two self-closing doors did not shut properly. One door was located at the unit where the fire began, and the other door was located at the 15th-floor stairwell of the 19-story apartment building.


Survivors had to battle thick black smoke as they sought safety from the fire. Ultimately, the 17 individuals that lost their lives this past Sunday died of smoke inhalation.


According to a recent article published in USA Today, Mayor Eric Adams said Monday at a news conference, “This is a global tragedy. Everyone is feeling the pain of what we are experiencing.”


To learn more about ways you can support the families of the Bronx fire victims, click here.


The Team of Attorneys at SPBMCC Offer Legal Counsel to Victims of Negligence and Burn Injuries


The attorneys at SPBMCC extend their greatest condolences to the victims of the horrific Bronx fire. We are devastated over the incident that occurred this past Sunday and our hearts go out to our fellow New Yorkers who suddenly and tragically lost loved ones. The effects of this incident can be felt throughout the entire city.


Home fires occur more in winter than any other season of the year, largely due to the use of space heaters and other electric devices that have the potential to malfunction. It is crucial to take extra precautions within your home this winter to prevent house fires, but it is equally as important for building owners to ensure their property is safe and up to code to ensure disasters like the Bronx fire do not happen. The premises liability and firefighter law attorneys at SPBMCC have decades of experience representing victims of burn injuries and serious fires caused by another’s negligence. To contact our New York offices, call (212) 732-9000 or fill out our brief form below:


Information in this article was sourced from USA Today. To read the original article in full, click here.

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