May 25, 2017
With a major holiday weekend arriving and summer just around the corner, more cars and drivers are expected on the road. This can also lead to an increase in motor vehicle accidents. In the event of an accident, your car’s technology may prove invaluable in supporting a personal injury claim. ... Read More >
May 22, 2017
Many workers arrive at construction sites even in the worst weather conditions. Inclement weather can cause unstable work environments that can trigger accidents with terrible consequences. Some of the most potentially deadly weather conditions include: Winds Precipitation, Rain and Lightning Storms Extreme Temperatures Fog   Winds Strong winds and gusts ... Read More >
Key words: construction, weather
May 08, 2017
From the moment they step onto a work site, construction workers are often confronted with hazards that can lead to serious injuries, illnesses and tragic deaths. Fatal and nonfatal construction accidents often occur during the assembly, demolition and maintenance of buildings, bridges, railways and related structures. Read More >
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