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Are Electronic Bicycles Leading to Accidents and Injuries in New York City?

November 4, 2020 in

Cities around the country have witnessed the rise of electronic bicycles as a means to traverse busy streets and travel efficiently. While a beneficial means to get from Point A to Point B without the use of a car or bus, there is reasonable worry that these popular electronic modes of transportation are leading to an increase in bicyclist and pedestrian injuries. The bicycle accident attorneys at Sullivan Papain Block McGrath Coffinas & Cannavo discuss whether or not e-bikes are a valid threat to public safety in bustling New York City.


Major Cities Have Adopted Electronic Bike Use as an Alternative to Traditional Transportation


With over 750,000 New Yorkers choosing to use bicycles as a means of transportation throughout the city several times per month, it is not surprising that thousands of bicycle accident injuries occur each year in The Big Apple. While this statistic refers to traditional, standard bicycles, the steady rise of e-bikes and e-scooters sparks concern to many who are skeptical about these products’ safety and usability. While many have chosen to purchase their own pedal-assisted electronic bicycles, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many also choose to rent motorized bicycles and scooters available in most major cities by way of popular companies like Lime, Lyft and Blue Bikes. Both throttle and pedal-assisted electronic bicycles have steadily made their way into most major cities as a convenient and even entertaining way to travel. However, this new trend does not come without its dangers.


BMJ Journal Study Suggests E-Bike Injuries are More Severe than Standard Bike Injuries


In a study published in BMJ Journals that focused on injuries associated with electronic bikes and scooters from 2000-2017, they found that individuals using e-bikes were more likely to suffer internal injuries and require hospitalization than those using traditional pedal-operated bicycles. The study also noted that e-bike-related injuries were also over three times more likely to involve a collision with a pedestrian than either pedal bicycles or powered scooters.

These results suggest that motorized bikes and scooters may pose a threat to the overall safety and maneuverability of the pedestrian-heavy streets of New York City. Because many e-bikes can reach speeds exceeding 25 mph, and many users may fail to operate these vehicles in an appropriate manner, e-bike use in conjunction with foot-traffic-heavy streets may lead to serious biker-pedestrian collisions or even biker-vehicle collisions. In addition, reckless behavior on an e-bike, which can reach moderately high speeds, can lead to falls or crashes where injuries can be sustained.


If You Have Been Involved in an E-Bike Accident in New York City, Consult a Bicycle Accident Attorney


Bicycle accidents are already too common in New York City, with 4,304 bicyclist injuries involving motor vehicles occurring city-wide in 2018. The adoption of e-bikes in many of our most crowded and busy cities poses even more of a threat to the safety of pedestrians, bikers and drivers. The bicycle accident attorneys at Sullivan Papain Block McGrath Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C. have litigated an expansive variety of personal injury cases, including bicycle accidents, car accidents and motorcycle accidents. Our team can provide the skill and determination necessary to pursue legal action and recover the compensation you deserve. To learn more about New York bicycle accident law, click here. To reach out to a member of our firm to request a free consultation, call (212)-732-9000 or contact us today here:

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