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Medical Malpractice

$4.55 Million Settlement for a Delay in Delivering an Infant and Inadequate Fetal Monitoring Strips

April 27, 2018 in
Sullivan Papain Block Mcgrath and Cannavo P.C has recently obtained a  $4.55 million settlement for a delay in delivering infant plaintiff and inadequate monitoring of fetal monitoring strips.  The mother of the plaintiff presented to the hospital with decreased fetal movement. She was observed...
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April 20, 2018 in
On January 31, 2018, Governor Cuomo signed Lavern’s Law.  This law changes the time when the statute of limitations begins to run for medical malpractice cases involving failure to diagnose cancer. Before this law, plaintiffs had a 2 ½-year window to start a lawsuit...
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$1 Million Settlement For An Infant Injured During Delivery

April 13, 2018 in
A forceful delivery caused severe and permanent injuries in our 5-year-old client.  The mother of this young girl retained our law firm to represent her daughter for personal injuries she suffered at birth because the delivering doctor did not use the appropriate techniques and...
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$1.2 Million Settlement For A Delay In Diagnosis Of Eye Cancer

April 12, 2018 in
A settlement in the sum of $1,200,000.00 was achieved for our client, who needlessly suffered a delay in the diagnosis of eye cancer because of a medical office error.  Our client, a 50-year-old woman came under the care of an ophthalmologist when she discovered...
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Nurse Burnout Can Increase Likelihood of Patient Infection

March 29, 2018 in
A  study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania has confirmed a relatively obvious assumption about healthcare: fewer caregivers provide inferior care. While this conclusion is likely no surprise, the reasons for the decline in care are not necessarily as obvious as one might think....
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