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New York Product Liability: Belviq Cancer Lawsuits Rise After FDA Orders Product Withdrawal

November 24, 2020 in

On February 13th, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration asked pharmaceutical distributor Eisai Inc. to voluntarily pull their weight loss drug Belviq off the market after a five-year study conducted on Belviq pointed to a link between the drug and cancer. 


What is Belviq, the Popular Weight Loss Drug Recalled by the FDA?


Belviq hit the market in 2012 to treat obesity as well as overweight individuals who suffered from diabetes, heart disease and/or high blood pressure. It was manufactured by Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer, Arena Pharmaceuticals, and distributed by Eisai Inc. Belviq works by affecting the chemicals in the brain that control hunger, so that individuals who are obese or overweight can feel fuller for longer. 


What Cancers Are Associated with Belviq?


As a measure to ensure there were no severe health risks associated with taking Belviq, the FDA required Eisai Inc. to conduct a study that involved 12,000 individuals over a five-year period of time. Some participants in the study were talking Belviq, and others were taking a placebo to keep the clinical trial randomized and most accurate. Ultimately, the results of the trial revealed that 7.7% of the individuals taking Belviq developed cancer, which was higher than the percentage of individuals who developed cancer taking the placebo. Due to this outcome, the FDA requested that Eisai, Inc. remove the drug from the market. While there have been no injury verdicts or settlements yet, many have begun filing cases based on developing cancer following Belviq usage. To read the full FDA press release announcing the market withdrawal of Belviq, click here. 

The three main types of cancer associated with the Belviq lawsuits include pancreatic, colorectal and lung cancer. If you have taken Belviq in the past seven years as a treatment for obesity and/or another health condition, you should talk with your doctor immediately about an alternative weight-loss medication or weight management program, as recommended by the FDA. 


How Can you File a Belviq Lawsuit?


If you were prescribed and took Belviq for six months or more, and subsequently developed lung, colorectal or pancreatic cancer, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against Eisai Inc. or Arena Pharmaceuticals. The product liability attorneys at Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo P.C. have extensive experience representing clients who have suffered at the hands of big pharma and can help you pursue the compensation and solace you deserve. Discuss your legal options with an attorney today by calling (212)-732-9000 or by contacting us here:

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