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The Adult Survivors Act officially passed in New York allowing adult sexual abuse survivors a one-year window in which the state's usual statute of limitations for civil lawsuits would be set aside. This window allows for victims to be heard and file a claim against their abusers. The New York sexual abuse attorneys at Sullivan, Papain, Block, McGrath, Coffinas and Cannavo are dedicated to protecting the rights of sexual abuse victims and bringing those who have committed such heinous acts to justice.

The bill is modeled after New York’s now-expired Child Victims Act, which gave people a similar second chance to sue over sexual abuse they suffered as children. By the time that widow closed, more than 10,000 lawsuits had been filed, many against institutions like churches, schools, camps and scout groups.

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The Adult Survivors Act signed into law on May, 23rd

“Seeing the sense of relief in the survivors’ eyes really is the reason I even began this endeavor because… They were carrying this heavy burden of not just their own horrible assaults and rapes in many cases, but they were also carrying the burden for the unspoken number of victims out there who haven’t spoken out.”

-Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal

Plaintiff Illegally Denied Zoning and Development Rights
Over $131 Million Awarded to Client

In the matter of Sinclair Haberman and Belair Building LLC v. Zoning Board of Appeals, firm Senior Partner and distinguished trial lawyer Chris McGrath obtained an incredible verdict on behalf on his client, with damages totaling $131,292,386.

Botched Hysterectomy – Verdict
Botched Hysterectomy - Verdict

Staten Island couple awarded $10 million after botched hysterectomy

Worker Injured By Defective Pasta Maker – Verdict
Worker Injured By Defective Pasta Maker - Verdict

In favor of our client, a pasta chef who got his hand caught in a pasta-making machine, which the Jury found to have been defective. Our client sustained a partial amputation of four fingers which had to be reattached by microsurgery.

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