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SPBMC Member David J. Dean Recovers $9.7 Million in Medical Malpractice Case

August 26, 2019 in

SPBMC Member David J. Dean recovers $9.7 million dollar verdict after medical professionals failed to diagnose and subsequently treat excessive blood loss following a patient’s cesarean section, which resulted in her death. 

Woman Dies Due to Excessive Blood Loss Following Cesarean Section

On January 25th, 2013, a 33-year old woman died after undergoing a cesarean section at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. Suffering from sickle cell anemia, the mother had a Complete Blood Count (CBC) taken twice—once before her cesarean section and once afterwards. Although these tests showed that the mother had lost 30% of her blood volume, her doctors took no heed of this dangerous sign even though they knew that the mother’s operation created the potential for postoperative blood loss. Had she been transfused promptly, her life would have been saved. Her postoperative bleeding continued, and she passed away later that evening. 

“The defendants had full knowledge of her perilous condition, but they neglected to give her timely and proper treatment. Their negligence resulted in horrible consequences. This loss will have a tremendous and lasting impact on her loved ones, and it could have been prevented had the proper steps been taken,” Mr. Dean said regarding the case.

Jury Awards $9.7 Million Verdict to Plaintiff 

While the defense argued that the plaintiff-decedent was warned that the surgery could result in significant postoperative blood loss and that the plaintiff died due to a rare amniotic fluid embolism, the plaintiff proved that the doctors failed to diagnose and treat excessive blood loss following the plaintiff’s cesarean section. The jury ultimately awarded the family a $9.7 million verdict. 

“While no amount of money can ease the pain that this loss has created, it will help secure the future of the  two children. We hope that this compensation will help bring some comfort and closure to the family during their time of grief and loss,” said Mr. Dean.

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