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UFA Members: Do I Have a Case?

At Sullivan Papain Block McGrath Coffinas & Cannavo P.C., the most common question we receive is “do I have a case?”  Although this is a simple question, it oftentimes requires a complex answer based on a variety of factors.  This is true for every type of personal injury case, but it is especially true for cases involving injured firefighters.  Here at SPBMCC, we have proudly represented the UFA as their general counsel for over 40 years.  Our work for the UFA includes representing firefighters who are injured both in the line of duty, as well as their private lives.

Under New York State General Municipal Law §205-a, firefighters have a special cause of action against negligent actors if their injuries were the result of a code violation.  This includes not only building code violations but also violations of property maintenance codes, health codes, construction codes, fire codes and vehicular codes.  Section 205-a allows a firefighter to sue a defendant if its violation was a “direct or indirect” cause of an accident.  With this, it is important that if a firefighter was injured in the line of duty, he or she contacts an attorney to evaluate his or her claim. It is also important that the attorney be familiar with this special law and all of the applicable codes.  Here at SPBMCC, we have successfully resolved numerous cases involving injured firefighters by proving that their injuries were caused by various code violations. Examples of such code violations are: improper storage of combustible materials, negligent building construction, the presence of illegal partition walls, “Collyer’s Mansion” conditions, missing stairway handrails, lack of self-closing doors, the absence of smoke detectors and sprinklers, failure to obey the “rules of the road”, and inadequate or defective equipment provided to firefighters, to name a few.

SPBMCC has also represented firefighters that have been injured due to the negligence of others while off duty.  These cases include construction accidents, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice and dangerous products, including medications.  As with 205-a cases, an experienced attorney is necessary to evaluate and prosecute these types of cases.  Here at SPBMCC, we offer free consultations for every case, so the question “do I have a case?” can be answered confidentially and without any financial obligation.  If we decide to pursue a case on behalf of a firefighter or his or her family, we do not charge any money upfront and our fee is paid only upon a successful outcome of a case.  So, if you or someone you know has been injured and you want to know whether you have a meritorious case, please reach out to SPBMCC by either calling (212) 732-9000 or visiting our website,

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