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What Are The Most Common Injuries on NYC Subways?

March 26, 2019 in


The subway system in New York City offers easy transportation for millions of passengers each day. New York City is one of the most heavily populated and congested cities in the United States, so moving around town is often difficult during busy times of the day. Subway stations and trains are unfortunately common places for many injuries to occur.

Slip and Fall Injuries in Subway Facilities

Subway stations, restrooms, concession areas, and waiting areas of the stations require constant maintenance at virtually all hours of the day. If the entity responsible for care and maintenance of a subway facility fails to maintain a clean premise or leaves a wet floor unmarked, a subway patron could slip and fall and suffer an injury. Tripping hazards within subway cars may also lead to injuries.

Falls on to Train Tracks

Although the law generally expects reasonable adults to exercise caution in any given situation that could potentially lead to injuries, the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) is responsible for the care and maintenance of all New York City subway facilities and trains. If some element or structural damage causes a subway patron to fall onto train tracks, he or she could potentially suffer fatal injuries from the initial fall, electrocution from contact with the train rails, or even fatal injuries from an incoming subway train.

Injuries From Mechanical Malfunctions

The NYCTA must ensure proper maintenance for their trains, including the passenger areas and doors. If a subway patron suffers an injury from a malfunctioning train car or other hazard in a subway facility, the NYCTA may be liable. Mechanical malfunctions could also include things like broken lights or damaged stairway railings that lead to slip and fall accidents.

Injuries From Violent Crime

New York City is one of the most heavily populated cities in the world which, unfortunately means there will be criminal activity and, the subways are not immune from it.  Security camera footage and witness statements from other passengers are usually the only evidence that can lead to the arrest of violent criminals who attack subway patrons.  They should have adequate safety in place, particularly in areas known to have higher incidents of crime.

What to Do After a NYC Subway Injury

The best thing for anyone to do after a New York City subway injury is to call for help immediately if his or her injuries are severe or involved any type of violent crime. The victim should try to obtain the contact information of any witnesses nearby and make sure the incident has been reported to the police or subway employees.  The victim’s first priority upon leaving the scene of the accident should be medical treatment.  Thereafter you should contact a lawyer immediately as there are very short time limitations for notifying the NYCTA or other authorities.  Also, contacting a lawyer early allows her or him to gather evidence right away such as obtaining statements from witnesses or taking photographs of the area where the accident occurred.   

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