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$1.25 Million Recovery for Urologist’s Dismissal of Symptoms That Indicated Cancer

March 21, 2018 in ,

Our attorney Elizabeth Montesano, negotiated a $1.25 Million recovery for a Urologist’s dismissal of symptoms that indicated cancer.

Our Client’s cancer had been diagnosed in October 2011, but it was believed to have been eradicated in November 2011,

when the cancerous tumor was surgically removed from his bladder.

During the four months that followed the surgery, our client was repeatedly evaluated by his Urologist for complaints of severe pain in his

abdomen and pelvis, but this Urologist did not believe that the symptoms required intervention.  By March of 2012, our client was diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer that had now spread to other areas of his body.

SPBMC claimed that the continued symptoms indicated that the cancer had not been completely eradicated and that the Urologist’s inaction allowed untreatable progression of the disease.

Our Client died after the lawsuit had been filed and the lawsuit was continued by his family.  The $1.25 Million Settlement included compensation for wrongful death damages and for pain and suffering.


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