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Food Bank to Launch Delivery Program to the Homebound

The Hempstead Town awarded Long Island food bank Island Harvest $2.1 million to create a new food delivery program for homebound seniors, veterans and quarantined families. Town board members on Wednesday agreed to pay for the program using some of the $133 million in federal CARES Act funds the town received to cover pandemic-related costs. The town previously gave $2 million…
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Accidents involving self-driving cars

Are self-driving automobiles the face of the future? Some people believe that driverless cars will someday be very popular. Others think that self-driving automobiles are accidents just waiting to happen. Not long ago a self-driving vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian. Other recent accidents involving severe injuries and death have also been attributed to cars…
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The Rights of Construction Workers

We have great respect for our construction workers. They perform extraordinarily important and essential tasks. Construction workers work long and hard hours. Their jobs are often profoundly demanding and they certainly run the risk of serious injuries. They deal with heavy machinery, dangerous and unsafe workplace conditions, and on a daily basis they place their…
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SPBMCC Partner Elizabeth Montesano Obtains Over $3 Million in Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death Case

SPBMCC Partner Elizabeth Montesano represented the family of a deceased Brooklyn man who collapsed outside hospital doors just minutes after he was discharged from the hospital. Brooklyn Man Dies After His Physicians Fail to Provide Proper Treatment A 46-year-old husband and father of four was undergoing treatment to prevent blood clots due to his past…
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SPBMCC Partner Elizabeth Montesano Obtains Settlement of $1 Million for the Plaintiff in Medical Malpractice Case

Firm Partner Elizabeth Montesano successfully represented a 35-year-old woman whose breast cancer diagnosis was delayed for a year and a half because of her physician’s negligence.  Plaintiff Receives a Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnosis After Her Physician’s Misdiagnosis  In June 2016, the plaintiff felt a lump in her right breast and brought it to her doctor’s…
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