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Motor vehicle defects are mistakes made during design, manufacturing, or marketing that render the vehicle unreasonably dangerous for consumers to operate. Vehicle defects can cause car accidents, personal injuries, and wrongful death. If a vehicle defect contributed to you or a loved one’s recent injuries, call the New York City attorneys at Sullivan Papain Block McGrath Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C., for a free discussion about your case.

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Why You Need a Lawyer

Vehicle defect cases involve major automakers and distributors as defendants. Unfortunately, these parties have a great deal of money and resources to spend on combatting product liability claims. Conversations with an auto manufacturer’s insurance company may not end in the settlement you wish to see. Insurance companies may try to take advantage of you and offer less than your case is worth if you do not have a lawyer representing you.

Hiring a lawyer gives you an edge during insurance settlement negotiations. It shows you refuse to let an insurance company walk on your rights as an accident victim. A lawyer can help you file your product liability claim within the state’s deadline and prove the manufacturer’s liability for your damages because of a vehicle defect. Your attorney can take care of all legal matters for you, while you focus on recovering.

The Danger of Vehicle Defects

A vehicle with defects can be difficult or impossible for a driver to safely control. Defects such as tires that go prematurely bald could contribute to car accidents. A defect may cause unexpected breakdowns or problems while driving, ending in a harmful collision. Other defects, such as issues with a seatbelt, can fail to prevent occupant injuries in a crash. Bad brakes, tire blowouts, airbag or seatbelt defects, electrical problems, and transmission failures are all examples of common vehicle defects involved in product liability claims.

Proving a Product Liability Claim

It is every automaker’s legal responsibility to design and produce vehicles that reasonably protect the safety of consumers. Although the law does not require manufacturers to guarantee zero car accidents, it does place a burden to guarantee crashworthiness, or the ability of a vehicle to protect its occupants in an accident.

Any act of negligence or carelessness on the manufacturer’s part, such as using low-quality parts to save money, and which results in consumer injuries or deaths could result in manufacturer liability. As the victim of a defective vehicle incident, it is your attorney’s responsibility to prove the defendant’s fault for causing your damages.

Whether a tire blowout caused your vehicle to flip or a defective seatbelt contributed to a serious spinal cord injury, you may have a product liability claim on your hands. Most product-related claims obey strict liability laws. This means you will not have to prove a manufacturer’s negligence. You will only need to show that the vehicle contained a defect, and that the vehicle caused your injuries. This lighter burden of proof serves to help consumers with injuries from dangerous and defective products.

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