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SPBMCC Partner Elizabeth Montesano Obtains Substantial Settlement for Medical Malpractice Victim

July 17, 2020 in ,

Firm Partner Elizabeth Montesano recently represented the family of a man who died as a result of mistreated diverticulitis. Ms. Montesano helped obtain $17.25 million for the decedent’s family in the ensuing medical malpractice case.

Patient in Medical Malpractice Case was Mistreated for His Chronic Diverticulitis

In December 2014, the decedent consulted with a colorectal surgeon at a Long Island Hospital due to increasing symptoms related to his chronic diverticulitis. He appeared at the hospital’s emergency department where the colorectal surgeon had an affiliation, and surgery was scheduled for Dec. 16, 2014. However, by Dec. 14, two days before his scheduled operation, his condition began deteriorating and he required immediate emergency surgery. The colorectal surgeon was not available on that day and surgery was performed on Dec. 14, 2014 by a different colorectal surgeon.

After the surgery, the patient’s condition worsened. Because his underlying condition was not properly addressed by the covering colorectal surgeon during the surgery, he developed an abscess and a perforation of his intestine. Neither colorectal surgeons tended to their patient’s follow up appointments and hospital personnel, including the residents, did not notify them of the patient’s deteriorating condition until Dec. 16 when the patient was taken in for emergency surgery. The decedent’s original colorectal surgeon would not make himself available to do the emergency surgery, which had to be performed again by the covering physician. By this time, the decedent had suffered from severe infection and shock throughout his body.

Tragically, the patient’s condition deteriorated and he went into multi-organ failure and had to be placed on a ventilator and use a feeding tube and a chest tube. He never left the hospital and, although he fought bravely, he succumbed to his condition on July 6, 2015, almost eight months later.

Firm Attorneys Elizabeth Montesano and Eleni Coffinas Obtain $17.25 Million for the Victim’s Family

Because the hospital was a New York State entity, SPBMCC had to bring two different lawsuits, one in the New York State Court of Claims and one in the New York State Supreme Court in Suffolk County. Medical Malpractice Partner Elizabeth Montesano directed the litigation in close concert with Eleni Coffinas, also a member of the firm and one of the country’s leading trial attorneys. The efforts of both attorneys resulted in a settlement of $17.25 million for the victim’s family.

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