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SPBMCC Women’s History Month Spotlight: Deanne Caputo

March 18, 2021 in ,

Throughout history, women have fought for progress, freedom and advocacy, uplifting the voices that came before them and taking great risks in order to improve their lives and the lives around them. Today, women continue to redefine their own opportunity and potential, and rewrite the future that lies before us, paving the way for future generations.


While women make limitless contributions to our society and our industry every day, March is a month to formally acknowledge and honor the accomplishments women have made in American history. During the month of March, SPBMCC would like to recognize the strong, successful female partners of the firm and the impact they have made on their practice and their peers.


Deanne Caputo has been a Partner at SPBMCC since 2014. Her vigorous representation has resulted in millions of dollars in recoveries on behalf of her clients, and she has been recognized by the New York Law Journal, National Trial Lawyers, Super Lawyers, the American Academy of Trial Lawyers and others for her work. Today, SPBMCC would like to recognize Deanne and the strength and courage she shows in fighting for her clients. Below is a brief Q&A with Deanne, where she provides an intimate and special story about the women in her life that inspired her to pursue a legal career, as well as her guidance and advice for young women interested in pursuing the practice of law.


Q: Were there any women who inspired you to pursue a legal career?


A: “I come from a family of very strong women, from my mother to my aunts on both sides of my family, to both my grandmothers. They all are strong-minded with leadership qualities. Each of them instilled in me the strength and bravery to always be strong, a hard worker, a do-er and go-getter from a very young age regardless of any adversity or loss you may experience or face in life. In my family, you pick yourself up and keep moving. I was always encouraged and praised for being strong, independent and honest about my feelings. In coming from such a background where I had such inspiring women surrounding me, it paved the way for me to set my goals high and achieve them. It also gave me a voice not only for myself but also for others. Since as far back as I can remember, I was always helping people, running to their aid and mediating situations. It just seemed natural to want to be a lawyer, where I could continue that role of using my voice and compassion to help others.”


Q: What would you tell a younger woman pursuing a legal career?


A: “For any younger female pursuing a legal career, I would tell them ‘you can have it all.’ Regardless of any younger female attorneys’ aspirations whether it is to be in politics, a trial attorney, a judge, have a family, not have a family, you can do whatever you desire and achieve it all. One of my proudest moments in my career was becoming a Partner during and while I was on my maternity leave. The doors are open, the opportunities are knocking and if you stay focused, work hard and become determined, you will fulfill all your dreams.”


Q: What would you tell your younger self?


A: I would tell my young self that the years ahead will be busy and will be stressful at times, but they will be rewarding and no matter what everything works out.”

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