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Suffolk County Burn Injury Attorney

Burn victims often suffer long-term consequences related to their accident and injuries. If someone else’s fault caused your burn injuries, you might have a personal injury claim for financial recovery. Our Suffolk County burn injury attorneys are experienced in representing burn injury victims in claims against defendants and their insurance companies.

Burn Injury Practice

  • Our law firm is dedicated to serving personal injury victims. We have recovered more than $2 billion over the past ten years for our injury clients. Unlike some Suffolk County personal injury attorneys, our goal is not to secure a quick insurance settlement. Our goal is to put in all of the work and effort necessary to maximize your financial recovery.
  • Compensation for burn injuries may encompass not only pain and suffering but also reimbursement for your medical bills and other out of pocket expenses, in addition to financial recovery for your emotional damages.
  • Our attorneys know that dealing with insurance adjusters can be difficult and overwhelming for injury victims. We will handle all communications with insurance companies so that you and your family can concentrate on your recovery.

Extensive Medical Care

Medical costs for burn injuries are often significant, primarily 2nd and 3rd degree burns that require extensive medical care. Medical treatments and rehabilitation can go on for many years. Burn injuries are incredibly painful, and pain management treatment is often necessary. Burn injury patients are also highly susceptible to infection when their open burn wounds have not yet healed. 

Even after burns have healed, there may be substantial scarring. Ongoing treatments can involve injections for scar tissue pain, skin grafting, laser therapy, and other corrective surgeries. Debilitating burns may require intense physical therapy and rehabilitation to cope with your injuries. 

Emotional Damage From Burn Injuries

Our attorneys know that severe burns often lead to serious emotional suffering for burn injury victims. Many burn injury victims have post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. Specific experiences related to burn injuries, such as the pain experienced during the burn accident and physical scarring or disfigurement, can be emotionally devastating. 

Wrongful Death

In the most unfortunate cases, burn injuries are fatal. If you lost a loved one due to burn injuries or a fatal infection stemming from burn injuries, you might be entitled to compensation. When someone’s wrongful conduct results in fatal injuries, close family members may secure financial recovery under a wrongful death claim. Compensation can include loss of financial support, funeral expenses, loss of inheritance and loss of parental guidance.  In some cases, the decedent’s pain and suffering and other damages may also be recoverable.

How We Can Help

Our experienced attorneys will fight to see that you receive full and just compensation for your injuries and damages. They will examine the totality of your losses when valuing your claim. Our attorneys fight to secure maximum compensation for burn injury clients so that they have the means to achieve physical, financial, and emotional healing and stability. 

If you or a loved one has suffered from burn injuries caused by someone else’s wrongful conduct, contact an NYC personal injury attorney at Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C. for a free consultation. We will review the facts of your case and go over your potential recovery options.