Queens Doctor Charged with Drugging and Assaulting Patients on Camera

Following his arrest in December on charges of first-degree rape, a Queens-based gastroenterologist was promptly dismissed from his role at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens. Dr. Cheng now confronts an astonishing 50 additional charges. Notably, this medical facility has grappled with a series of abuse cases in recent months. Dr. Darius Paduch, formerly a urologist within the same…

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How Do I File a Product Liability Lawsuit in NYC?

Purchasing a new product is exciting. Ripping open the package to get your first glance at your new purchase is something we have all probably experienced. When the product performs as expected, it can be incredibly satisfying. The exact opposite is true when the product does not function properly or, even worse—causes an injury.  If…

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Can I Sue For Delayed Diagnosis?

When suffering unusual or life-threatening symptoms, the first step is to see the doctor for a diagnosis. Patients trust that doctors diagnose the correct illness or condition and prescribe treatment or medications to make them better. Unfortunately, doctors do not always provide the correct standard of care, which can result in a delayed or missed…

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Stolen Hyundais and Kias Prompt Official NYC Response

Car accidents

After faulty immobilizers in Hyundais and Kias resulted in an increase in car thefts across major cities, the City of New York is joining other major metros in filing suits against the car manufacturers.  In a complaint filed in Manhattan federal court, the city claims the automakers failed to install anti-theft devices called immobilizers on…

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How Toxic Exposure Injuries May Occur on Construction Sites

two new york construction workers going over plans for building

Chemical exposure injuries are one of the most common construction site accidents. Many materials used by the construction industry contain lead and mercury, which can lead to severe injuries or even death. Construction workers use many power tools but are also frequently in contact with toxic substances. Exposure to these toxic liquids, gasses, and materials…

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