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How Can Restaurant Owners File Business Interruption Claims?

Until the coronavirus pandemic struck, the hospitality industry was thriving in the greater New York area. This widespread disease and its impact on our city and the country were unexpected and unfathomable before it struck. Unfortunately, restaurants have been severely impacted and they are struggling to stay afloat. Many restaurant owners secured funds under the…

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How To File A Business Interruption Claim Through Travelers Insurance in New York

If your New York business is covered by a Travelers insurance policy and you have suffered losses due to COVID-19, you may have questions about filing a business interruption claim to recoup some of your damages. Travelers sent letters to their insureds explaining that, in general, business losses related to Coronavirus are not covered under…

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What Can I Do If My Coronavirus-Related Business Interruption Claim Was Wrongfully Denied?

When you pay your business insurance premium, you expect your losses to be covered if you experience a business interruption. Insurance companies have a duty to honor their policy terms, and when they fail to do so by denying a claim that should not be denied, insureds have options to pursue compensation for their claims….

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