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Dangers of distracted driving in New York

April 4, 2018 in ,

In such a busy state as New York, car accidents are all but uncommon. Distracted driving often plays a significant role in many of these wrecks; on average, nine people are killed each day due to distractions on the road. This amounts to over 3000 fatalities in 2012, notably a decrease from the previous year. Injuries due to distracted drivers, however, reached upwards of 400,000.

Forms of distract include cognitive, visual or manual diversions. If a person’s mental focus, eyes or hands are not attentive to the task at hand, the possibility of a crash increases. Common actions that can cause this dissonance include cell phone use, eating while driving and fiddling with the radio.

A study conducted by the CDC estimated that 69 percent of drivers between the ages of 18 and 64 had admitted to using their cellphone within 30 days of the 2011 survey. Within the same age group, 31 percent confessed that they had read or sent text and email messages while driving. The study further speculated that younger drivers might be at a higher risk for distraction due to their inexperience. On average, drivers under the age of 20 share the highest proportion of fatal distraction-related crashes.

While distraction behind the wheel does not always demonstrate malicious intent, people are often injured or killed in the resulting crashes. When an individual suffers significant injuries, they may find that legal action may be the best avenue to retrieve their losses. In the event of a successful settlement, compensation from the negligent party might yield damages to help pay for medical bills and related costs. A car accident attorney may have the knowledge and tools to ease the process of filing.

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