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Exactech Optetrak Recall: What to Know

March 17, 2022 in ,

The Exactech Optetrak knee replacement system’s defective design and defective packaging have led to thousands of patients experiencing premature polyethylene wear in their knee components. These issues are due to defective polyethylene inserts that may wear out significantly over time, resulting in the need for painful revision surgery for many patients. If you received an Exactech Optetrak knee or ankle replacement implant after 2004, you may be eligible for substantial compensation. Learn more about the recall as well as what you can do as an affected patient below.

Exactech Recall Information

A total knee replacement includes a number of specific Exactech components that work together to provide an artificial knee. The issue with the Exactech recalled knee implant is related to the polyethylene insert which plays a crucial role in the lifespan of the knee replacement as a whole. The polyethylene insert serves as a shock absorber and replaces the function of cartilage in a knee joint. Overall, if the insert fails anytime after surgery, the knee replacement fails.

The manufacturer first became aware of problems with the replacement inserts in August 2021, at which point they recalled over 60,000 inserts. In the months following, the recall expanded to include over 100,000 defective Exactech Optetrak inserts sold since 2004.

About the Exactech Optetrak Defect

The plastic inserts, known as the Exactech Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) knee insert, were packaged insufficiently, allowing oxygen to reach the plastic inserts before surgery, causing them to prematurely degrade. This resulted in oxidation of the polyethylene liner that drastically affected the lifespan of the inserts and increased the likelihood of knee replacement issues including:

  • Bone loss
  • Accelerated wear in the joint
  • Component cracking or fatigue
  • Additional knee revision surgery

Do You Qualify for a Knee Replacement Settlement?

Exactech is currently allowing patients with defective Exactech implants to submit a claim for any out-of-pocket costs associated with their corrective surgeries. However, patients who decide to pursue this opportunity may waive their right to file a product liability lawsuit against Exactech in the future. That is one reason why it is important to first consult an Exactech Lawsuit lawyer to ensure you are receiving the compensation you deserve. Contact SPBMCC today to request a free consultation.

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