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Scaffolding Accident Resulted in a $505,000 Dollar Settlement

April 25, 2018 in ,

A 26-year-old laborer fell approximately 15 feet while dismantling a scaffold.  The plank of the scaffold extended approximately 1 foot beyond the scaffold’s frame.  The Plaintiff stepped on the edge of the plank and the plank toppled over with the plaintiff.  Plaintiff injured his shoulder requiring shoulder surgery and suffered a fracture of the L2 vertebrae.  He missed approximately 16 months from work. The parties attended a private mediation and while it did not settle at mediation, the parties continued settlement negotiations and ultimately settled the case for $505,000.000.

Our Construction accident attorneys have worked on this case and brought justice to the laborer, If you or a loved one have been in a construction or a scaffolding accident please contact us today.


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