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SPBMC Member David J. Dean Recovers $1 Million in Medical Malpractice Case

November 1, 2019 in

SPBMC Member David J. Dean recovers $1 million settlement after a pregnant mother was given an improper spinal injection, leading to a damaged nerve and blood vessels in her leg.

Woman Suffers Nerve and Blood Vessel Damage After Spinal Injection

Mr. Dean’s client, a 28-year-old mother, went to the hospital to have her second child. It was determined that her baby was in the breech position, which required an emergency c-section. The doctor decided to use local anesthesia via spinal injection, however, the injection was given in the wrong place. Instead of injecting the mother at the base of the spine, the injection was given a few inches away, which led to the mother suffering nerve and blood vessel damage. 

The mother went on to deliver a healthy baby, but when she tried to get out of bed, she found that her left leg was paralyzed, leaving her unable to walk. She was held in the hospital for several days, upon which she was transferred to a second hospital for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Over the course of her rehabilitation, she progressed from a wheelchair to a walker to a brace on her leg. Fortunately, the mother has now resumed all activities, but she still experiences some minor leg weakness due to the incident.

“This poor woman screamed as the needle was inserted, but nothing was done to ensure the needle was properly inserted. As such, she was left temporarily paralyzed. This indicates a stunning lack of concern from the doctors involved,” David Dean said.  

$1 Million Settlement Recovered by David Dean for the Victim 

The anesthesiologist claimed not to recall anything notable about the procedure. Despite this, the defense offered a $1 million settlement at the start of jury selection, which Mr. Dean’s client accepted. 

“An emergency c-section can already cause a significant amount of stress and anxiety for a mother, and an improper injection during this procedure makes this trauma even more terrible. I can’t imagine anything worse than a disabling injury as a mother to a newborn. We are excited that she has been justly compensated,” said Mr. Dean.

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