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What Accident Kills Most Construction Workers?

October 6, 2023 in

Construction workers face numerous risks on the job every day. From heavy machinery to hazardous materials, the industry is one of the most dangerous in terms of workplace accidents, meaning that, unfortunately, headlines like “Construction Worker Killed in NYC Today” are not uncommon. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most common accidents in construction that lead to fatalities and discuss the importance of construction accident lawsuits in seeking justice for the victims.

The Dangerous Reality of Construction Work

Construction workers play a vital role in building and maintaining our city, but the job comes with inherent risks. Despite strict safety regulations and guidelines, accidents in construction still happen, and they can have devastating consequences. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), more than 4,700 people were killed on the job in 2020. Those employed in construction and extraction occupations accounted for nearly a quarter of all fatal occupational injuries.

Some of the most common accidents in construction include:

  • Falls: Falls from heights are the leading cause of construction worker fatalities. Whether from scaffolding, ladders, roofs, or elevated equipment, these accidents often result in severe injuries or death. In 2020, falls, slips, and trips accounted for 35.3 percent of workplace deaths within construction and extraction occupations.
  • Struck by Objects: Workers risk being struck by falling objects or vehicles on construction sites. Protective measures include wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintaining clear safety zones.
  • Electrocution: Electrical accidents are another significant hazard on construction sites. Contact with live wires, faulty equipment, or unsafe electrical installations can all lead to severe injuries or fatalities. 
  • Caught-In or Between Objects: Construction workers can get trapped or crushed between heavy equipment, machinery, or building materials. These accidents often result from inadequate safety procedures or improper equipment operation. 
  • Trenching and Excavation Accidents: Workers involved in trenching and excavation activities are at risk of cave-ins, collapses, and asphyxiation. Proper shoring, sloping, or trench box usage is essential for worker safety.

The Role of Construction Accident Lawsuits

Following a construction accident, victims and their families face many financial challenges. Medical bills and lost wages due to time away from work and the often long-term expenses associated with rehabilitation can pile up and burden those affected. This is where construction accident lawsuits come into play. Pursuing legal action allows victims and their families to seek compensation to alleviate the financial hardships caused by these accidents, allowing them to focus on recovery and rebuilding their lives.

Preventing Future Construction Accidents

When negligence or unsafe working conditions are exposed through legal channels, it also sends a clear message that prioritizing safety is non-negotiable, encouraging companies to reassess and improve their workplace safety standards and practices and ultimately leading to a safer working environment for all construction workers.

Another significant long-term benefit of construction accident lawsuits is their potential to drive prevention efforts. Cases that shed light on safety lapses and procedural shortcomings can prompt construction companies to take proactive measures to prevent similar accidents in the future. This might include revising safety protocols, enhancing training programs, or implementing more stringent equipment maintenance procedures, reducing the likelihood of future accidents and ensuring that construction workers are better protected while on the job.

At SPBMCC, we have represented injured construction workers for the past 80 years. We have dealt with various injuries, including ladder and scaffold falls, falling objects and debris, and toxic exposure accidents, leading to over $2 billion recovered for our clients over the past ten years, including more than $160 million in construction accident cases. If you or a loved one has been affected by a construction accident, seeking legal assistance is essential to protect your rights.

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