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Elizabeth Montesano Recovers $1.3 Million Settlement for Woman Paralyzed After Spinal Surgeon’s Error

July 20, 2020 in ,

Firm Partner Elizabeth Montesano recently recovered a substantial settlement to support a victim of medical negligence. Her spinal surgeon’s error left her with permanent paralysis in her leg and foot.

Surgeon’s Error Leaves Woman Paralyzed After Corrective Spinal Surgery

In June 2015, a healthy woman arrived at a hospital for corrective spinal surgery to replace her scoliosis surgery hardware. At that time, she walked into the hospital without the use of any assistive devices. June 23, 2015 would be the last time in her life that she would walk without the use of an assistive device. The corrective surgery required that the patient’s L4-5 and L5-S1 disks be removed.

During her surgery, which consisted of three stages and performed by an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Neurosurgeon, it was paramount that the existing disks in the patient’s spine be removed in their entirety, as fragments could cause severe damage. When the patient awoke, she found she could not move her right leg. While the surgeons and hospital personnel should have immediately filed an investigation into the complications, they were unreasonably delayed in opening a new complaint when a CT scan should have been completed immediately. Because potential nerve compression would have to be relieved as soon as possible to minimize permanent damage, an immediate CT scan would have been vital. However, a CT scan was not performed until 18 hours after the surgery. The scan revealed a right extraforaminal disc protrusion at L4-L5 compressing the right L4 nerve root. This complication required additional surgery to correct, however, the corrective surgery did not occur until another seven hours had passed. 

Before her surgery, the patient experienced some mild weakness in her right leg and was consistent with a foot drop being her only motor complaint. During her second surgery to correct the compressed right L4 nerve root, “abundant” disc material had to be removed from the L4-L5 space, according to the operative reports.

Elizabeth Montesano Fights For the Victim of Negligence, Obtains a $1.3 Million Settlement

This matter was litigated by medical malpractice partner, Elizabeth Montesano, Esq., who negotiated a settlement of the claims in the amount of $1.3 million to support the 51-year-old married mother and grandmother.

The patient suffered irreparable damage to the nerve paths that innervate the muscles in her hip, leg and foot, and she went on to develop arachnoiditis at the level of L1-2. Despite numerous treatments, the client remains unable to ambulate without assistive devices and her injuries are permanent. She has been under continual medical care and is most diligent in trying to do the best she can to minimize the effect of her injuries. The settlement cannot reverse the life-changing and traumatic result of the client’s injuries, but it can go a long way in helping her receive the rehabilitative treatment and support that she needs during this difficult time.

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