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Patients rely on their doctors’ expertise and medical recommendations. When patients consent to surgery, they expect that the result will be to stabilize or improve their health and well-being. They do not expect that their surgery will end up doing more harm than good. If you have suffered injuries after undergoing a surgical procedure, contact a Long Island medical malpractice attorney at Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C. for a free case evaluation.

Our Medical Malpractice Team

  • We know medical expenses and time off work can lead to tight finances. We want our clients to work on their physical recovery and follow up care without having to worry about paying attorneys’ fees. Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, and will not collect attorneys’ fees until you have secured a financial recovery for your surgical errors claim.
  • Communicating with clients is important to our attorneys. We will make sure that you understand your rights when it comes to medical care. Our staff will keep you updated throughout the legal process, and answer your questions and concerns along the way.
  • Our Long Island personal injury attorneys will evaluate your injuries and damages to help value your claim. We will pursue maximum financial compensation for you and your family.

How We Can Help

We know that it can be nearly impossible for patients to find out the true cause of their injuries after receiving medical care. Doctors and other medical professionals often blame unsuccessful surgeries and injuries on bad luck. They will rarely confess to making mistakes. Answers they give in response to patient inquiries are often vague and misleading.

Experienced medical malpractice attorneys can help you get the answers that you and your family deserve. Our attorneys will review copies of your medical records and reports. Their experience allows them to recognize red flags, and to know where to dig deeper to find the true cause of your injuries. They may also hire medical experts to help explain your injuries and prove your case.

Common Types Of Surgical Errors

  • Failing to obtain patients’ informed consent prior to surgery. Patients have a right to be fully informed before consenting to a procedure. Doctors must explain the risks associated with the procedure and whether or not there are any alternative treatments that may be appropriate for patients’ medical conditions.
  • Leaving foreign objects, such as sponges or surgical instruments, inside of a patient. This can happen when medical professionals fail to account for their surgical equipment at the end of surgery.
  • Operating on the wrong side or wrong part of a patient’s body. Sometimes this is a result of marking the wrong body part prior to surgery or medical record errors.
  • Performing an unnecessary surgery on a patient can happen when there is a misdiagnosis, medical records mix-up, or a patient is misidentified.
  • Performing surgery in unsanitary conditions or using contaminated medical equipment and tools can cause patient infections.
  • Negligently preformed surgical procedures can lead to injuries such as punctured organs and nerve damage.

Surgical Malpractice Attorneys

When you have questions about post-surgery injuries and damages, you deserve answers. Contact a surgical malpractice attorney at Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C. to help you get those answers. Medical professionals are held to a high standard of care, and if substandard surgical care led to your injuries, you deserve to be compensated. Our NYC personal injury attorneys are ready to take your call today.