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New Safety Training Requirements Signed Into Law In NY

January 2, 2018 in ,

Construction safety is a high priority for Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C. (SPBMC), as we have had years of success recovering millions of dollars for workers injured or killed on-site. Thankfully, this has also been a hot topic among New York’s public officials and lawmakers, who have enacted a new law to help mitigate the risks of such tragedies.

In October 2017, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation to promote better construction site safety. The bill, Intro. 1447-C, increases safety training requirements for construction workers. One of its most critical features is the requirement of a 40-hour safety class with the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

“New York City is built on the ideals that every single person deserves…a City whose hard-working construction workers will get the safety training they need,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio at the signing at City Hall. “For the hard-hats in one of our city’s most dangerous jobs, this bill will help get them home to their families at night and keep the general public safe around construction sites.”

A fine of $25,000 could be charged to construction sites that don’t adhere to OSHA’s safety regulations for not having trained workers. According to the New York Post:

The final bill instead requires the safety training [of an apprenticeship], though it does waive the requirement for workers who have had an apprenticeship the city deems as extensive as the training.

This training would average less than one hour per week over the course of a year. SPBMC believes that is a reasonable amount of time for any employee to take – and for every employer to allow – to ensure the safety of construction workers. The bill also aims to accommodate the needs and language barriers of immigrants, day laborers, and workers who speak languages other than English. The city’s developing skyline is evident of the construction industry’s growth and resilience, which is why this training can only be beneficial to employers, employees, and their loved ones.

SPBMC proudly represents construction workers and other hardworking professionals committed to ensuring their safety through education and those who have sustained on-site injuries or fatalities. If you need to speak with one of our experienced New York construction accident lawyers, we are pleased to offer a free consultation.

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