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SPBMCC Member Eleni Coffinas Obtains $1 Million in Delayed Diagnosis Case

On Dec.5, 2022, SPBMCC Member Eleni Coffinas successfully recovered $1 million for a woman who received an 18-month delay in her thyroid cancer diagnosis.

54-Year-Old Woman Waits 18 Months for Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

In October 2017, the plaintiff presented to West Side Radiology, where she underwent various imaging studies. However, because the ultrasound studies were misread, she was not diagnosed with thyroid cancer until 18 months later. 

Delay in Diagnosis Leads to the Spread of Cancer

Due to the delay in diagnosis, the cancer spread to 13 lymph nodes and locally in the neck, decreasing her chance of survival. Had the plaintiff been appropriately diagnosed 18 months prior, she would have been at Stage 2 instead of State 4A. While she would have needed a thyroidectomy either way, without delay, she would not have required further surgery to dissect the lymph nodes. 

Eleni Coffinas Represents the Plaintiff

As a result of her delayed diagnosis, the plaintiff sought representation at SPBMCC, where Eleni Coffinas was the trial attorney. Coffinas settled the case for $1 million in New York County Supreme Court to compensate for the delayed diagnosis. Eleni Coffinas

Learn More About Eleni Coffinas

With abundant experience in medical malpractice law, Eleni Coffinas is a powerful advocate for individuals impacted by negligent healthcare providers and has helped her clients obtain multimillion-dollar settlements. In addition, Ms. Coffinas specializes in medical malpractice cases, including birth injuries, delayed diagnoses, and surgical and cardiac cases. To learn more about Eleni Coffinas, click here. 

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