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SPBMCC Partner John Nash Secures $750,000 for Slip and Fall Victim

July 13, 2022 in ,

On June 22, 2022, SPBMCC Partner John Nash successfully secured a $750,000 settlement for a 64-year-old victim of a slip and fall accident who suffered a fractured shoulder and required a full shoulder replacement with prolonged therapy as a result of the fall. 


64-Year-Old Man Slips in Bank 

After making a deposit as part of his job duties, the plaintiff slipped and fell on a wet, slippery tiled entrance to a bank. The fall was captured on the bank’s video.


The owner had the contractor tile over a pre-existing concrete entranceway with common floor tiles that were slippery when dry and became more slippery when wet. On the date of the incident, it was raining. To make things worse, the owner failed to place a drip mat over the tiles and ensure that the entrance had a handrail. Bank employees testified at deposition that prior to the plaintiff’s fall they found the entranceway slippery, especially when it was wet, and complained of the slippery condition to the building owner.


The plaintiff fractured his shoulder and required a full shoulder replacement with prolonged physical therapy. 


Partner John Nash Secures $750,000 Settlement for Plaintiff’s Injuries

SPBMCC Partner John Nash represented the plaintiff in this case and argued that the defendants were negligent in creating a dangerous condition on the entranceway by using improper tiles, in failing to have a drip mat in place, and in failing to equip the entrance with a handrail. Further, the defendants failed to warn the public about the dangerous conditions. The plaintiff testified that there was no drip mat in place over the tiles, nor was there a handrail available for those entering and exiting the bank. The case was brought in Supreme Court, Nassau County, and settled before trial with the building owner, its contractor, and the bank for $750,000.


Learn More About SPBMCC Partner John Nash

John F. Nash joined the firm in 1980 and became a member in 1985. Nash has recovered a series of substantial verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients in the areas of product liability, premises, and motor vehicle negligence. To learn more about Firm Partner John Nash, click here

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