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An Overview of Three Common Birth Injuries That Occur in New York

October 16, 2020 in ,

Birth injury can be the result of medical malpractice in which a medical professional’s negligence causes serious and often irreversible damage to the newborn or their mother. Muscle or brain-related birth injuries can lead to a lifetime of physical difficulties, delays in motor function and developmental hindrances, and oftentimes, these obstacles could have been avoided with proper care.

If your child appears to be struggling to meet the milestones expected of their age, there is a possibility that they may have a neurological or physical birth injury that needs to be addressed. Below, experienced birth injury attorney James Wilkens of Sullivan, Papain, Block, McGrath, Coffinas & Cannavo P.C. discusses three prevalent birth injuries that can occur, as well as the legal avenues you can take to receive just compensation for your family’s pain and suffering.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a neurological condition that is one of the most common motor function disabilities that can occur during childbirth. According to estimates from the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, about 1 in 323 children have been identified with having CP. The condition may be caused by brain injury as a result of a deprivation of oxygen to the brain or the occurrence of trauma at or near the time of birth. CP inhibits one’s ability to fully utilize their muscular capabilities, meaning they may struggle with basic motor functions like walking, talking or eating. In some cases, children and individuals with CP may be able to walk on their own and even be fully independent physically. In more serious cases, individuals may be confined to a wheelchair and unable to communicate vocally.

Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s Palsy is a form of paralysis in the arm caused by damage to the nerves in the shoulder or neck. This can lead to weakness or full paralysis in the arm, including the hands and fingers depending on the severity. Erb’s Palsy is an injury to the brachial plexus; they are a bundle of nerves that travel from the spinal cord, up through the neck and down the shoulder and arm. While some brachial plexus injuries can be minor, a serious injury caused by excessive force to the arm during or after childbirth may be irreversible. Children with Erb’s palsy may have trouble crawling or using their arm to lift items, write, eat and more.

Ischemic and Hypoxic – Encephalopathy

Ischemic or Hypoxic-ischemic Encephalopathy is a type of brain injury caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, and this interruption in the fetus’s supply of oxygen can lead to stroke, paralysis, vision problems, cerebral palsy, developmental delays and even death. Compressive Cerebral Ischemic Encephalopathy is a type of birth injury that can occur due to excessive pressure on the skull when a woman contracts excessively. This type of injury usually requires long-term care for the duration of the affected individual’s life and can cause additional issues such as epilepsy and cognitive impairment. To learn about how a Colorado Court of Appeals recently reversed a decision regarding pharmaceutical drug Pitocin and its link to Compressive Cerebral Ischemic Encephalopathy, click here.

The New York Birth Injury Attorneys at Sullivan Papain Block McGrath Coffinas & Cannavo P.C. Can Fight Beside You

You do not have to suffer alone if you or your child is a victim of a preventable birth injury. Thousands of individuals and families experience their lives and sense of normalcy altered forever each year when they discover their child suffered a birth injury that may now prevent them from carrying out an independent life. Hiring a New York birth injury attorney can help you navigate the intricacies of filing a birth injury claim, and our experienced team can help you receive the compensation you deserve, just like we have helped so many families before yours. Contact our New York Offices today to request a free consultation by calling (212)-732-9000 or filling out a form at today.

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