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Failure To Check Patient’s Name And Date Of Birth Results In Death And A $550,000 Settlement

Medical malpractice attorney, Elizabeth Montesano, Esq., represented the four adult children of a 54-year-old man who died because of an egregious medical error when two different medical facilities failed to confirm his identity before administering an unnecessary dialysis treatment. Despite a number of medical conditions, the decedent maintained an independent and active lifestyle and was…

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SPBMC Settles Lead Poisoning Case For $1.2 Million

Liza Milgrim, Esq recently settled the case of a young woman who was exposed to dangerous levels of lead as a child.  The three-year-old girl, whose blood lead level spiked to 58 at one point, was poisoned while she resided in a Manhattan apartment.  The child had to endure two years of exposure- during which…

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The recent controversy involving New York City Housing Authority developments has placed lead paint poisoning back at the forefront of public attention.  However, lead paint exposure is still a prevalent concern for young children living in any older home or apartment. While lead-based paints were banned for use over 35 years ago, leaded paint that…

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SPBMCC Obtains $3.65 Million Settlement For Malpractice During Spinal Surgery

This office represented a 53-year-old man who was involved in a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident in New York that resulted in cervical spine disc injuries and neck pain. While he had pain in the neck area, he was able to walk into the hospital to undergo back surgery.  Unfortunately, he woke up from surgery with…

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SPBMC was proud to sponsor the 21st Thurgood Marshall Junior Mock Trial Competition

SPBMC was proud to sponsor the Competition, founded in 1997, which introduces hundreds of middle school students to the judicial system and exposes them to careers in the law. Volunteer lawyers coach the students over the course of four months to prepare them for roles as prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses, and jurors. During the competition,…

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