Remembering Black Sunday Firefighters
January 23, 2018
Today marks the anniversary of the devastating Black Sunday fires in 2005, which killed or severely injured seven members of the FDNY. First, Brooklyn firefighter Richard Sclafani died when overcome by smoke at a private house fire. On that same day, five firefighters and a lieutenant became trapped in a Bronx apartment that was consumed ... Read More >
Wintertime Construction Safety Tips
January 11, 2018
In the greater New York area, we’re generally prepared for harsh winters characterized by icy and snowy conditions. But during particularly severe weather hazards – like the extreme cold much of the country just experienced –construction professionals should take increased safety precautions before setting foot on a construction site. Sullivan ... Read More >
December 27, 2017
For years, the NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) has claimed it made required annual inspections of its apartments for lead paint. However, the Department of Investigations charged Tuesday that NYCHA stopped doing all annual inspections from 2012 through 2014 and continuing into 2016 on thousands of apartments. Tenants of these apartments have ... Read More >
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