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Legal Help for Pneumatic Impact Tools and Jackhammer Accidents in the Workplace

Working in the construction field with associated heavy machinery comes with a variety of risks. One prevalent hazard is pneumatic impact tools and jackhammers as they are used at many job sites. While much of the risk can be mitigated by following safety rules and guidelines, accidents still happen and you deserve to be compensated….

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Get Help After a Job Site Amputation Injury

After experiencing an amputation following a job site injury, there are a number of questions a worker may have. Whether life goes back to normal and whether they will go back to work are two common questions. Another is whether they may be compensated for their injuries. Below, the legal team at Sullivan Papain Block…

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Who is Liable After Exposure to Toxic Substances?

Chemical hazards and toxic substances are common job hazards that construction workers often come into contact with. Being exposed to toxic liquids, gasses, vapors, fumes, and particles can be a common workplace occurrence but it can also cause serious and fatal worker injuries, including painful chemical burns and even death. If you are exposed to…

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Injured by Falling Objects? You Need a Lawyer.

There are a number of ways that construction workers may be injured on the job, but one of the most common is falling objects. A dropped tool or piece of building material from any height could strike a worker’s head down below, causing severe or fatal head and brain injuries. If you are injured by…

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SPBMCC Partners Papain and Caputo Obtain $2.75 Million Settlement for Wife of Labor Law Accident Victim

On January 31, 2022, SPBMCC Partners, Nicholas Papain and Deanne Caputo obtained a $2.75 million settlement for the wife of a construction worker who fell from a 26 foot scaffold and died. Construction Worker Falls from 26 Foot Scaffolding On December 26, 2014, a construction worker was working on a scaffolding in Times Square, New…

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