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Most people are involved in one or more car accidents in their lives. Often those accidents do not amount to more than the inconvenience of auto repairs and minor medical expenses. New York is one of a handful of no-fault insurance states. No-fault recovery can mean faster and easier insurance claim processing for those minor, inconvenient accidents.

Unfortunately, accidents sometimes involve serious injuries that go well beyond inconvenience. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a car accident, a Suffolk County personal injury attorney at Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C. can help. We represent people who have suffered car accident injuries, and we help them secure compensation for their losses.  

Car Accident Practice

  • Our law firm is devoted to one cause. We help our clients, who have been injured by someone’s negligent or reckless conduct, recover compensation for their injuries and damages.
  • We have secured more than $2 billion in the past decade for our injured clients. Our Suffolk County car accident attorneys pursue maximum financial recovery for every client in every case. 
  • Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible for your car accident claim. If their settlement offers are not fair and favorable to you, our attorneys will be prepared to take your claim to trial. 

No-Fault Laws

New York’s no-fault insurance laws were meant to streamline the insurance recovery process for those involved in car accidents. In some car accident scenarios, the financial recovery process may be simplified. When accidents happen, and there are no serious injuries, drivers turn to their own insurance companies for compensation, regardless of fault. This helps to avoid insurance company disputes about fault and liability in accidents. Injury victims may still have to negotiate with their insurance company to make sure that they are fairly compensated, however. 

In car accident cases involving serious injuries, the no-fault system can be very complicated and confusing. When a person who was not at fault for the accident suffers ‘serious’ injuries, as defined by New York law, they may have two separate claims. The no-fault claim is for economic damages, including medical bills and lost income. The second claim is against the at-fault driver. Financial recovery for the second claim may include noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering.

Serious Injuries

As mentioned above, to have a claim beyond your no-fault coverage, your injuries must qualify as serious. Serious injuries include, but are not limited to, brain injury, spinal cord injury, fractures, loss of fetus, permanent impairment or limitation, and temporary impairment that lasts for a minimum of 90 days. In some cases, when car accident injuries are fatal, surviving family members may collect compensation under a wrongful death claim

How We Can Help

  • We will make sure your claims are filed on time. 
  • We will seek compensation from the appropriate defendants/insurance companies.
  • We will pursue all of the compensation that you are entitled to recover. This may include accident-related expenses you expect to incur in the future, such as medical care and loss of earning capacity.
  • We will investigate your claim and gather evidence to help prove liability and injuries sustained.
  • We will handle all communications and negotiations with insurance companies.

Car Accident Attorneys

Contact a car accident attorney at Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C. for a free case evaluation. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are prepared to protect your recovery rights and pursue compensation from all liable parties. If you did not cause your accident and injuries, you should not have to pay for them.