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Building collapses happen more regularly than some people may believe. These accidents often result in serious injuries, fatalities, and immense suffering and damage. Building collapse is the most serious of all construction accidents. Workers inside the structure are at risk, as well as those working on scaffolding, and pedestrians walking near by. Building collapse also puts individuals in neighboring buildings at risk.

If you or a loved one have been injured or wrongfully killed due to a building collapse, you may be eligible for compensation. The New York personal injury lawyers at Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo (SPBMCC) work with a plethora of personal injury cases, successfully helping victims win settlements for decades in New York and New Jersey. Contact us today for a free consultation of your case. We are here to help.

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Examples of Building Collapse

Many types of building collapses occur. These events range from mishaps during construction and repair, to unexpected natural disasters such as sinkholes. Building collapses put many individuals at risk: workers inside the building, workers on scaffolding, passersby, and those in neighboring buildings.

Three main types of structure collapses result in accidents:

  • Some structure collapses occur during construction or reconstruction of a building;
  • Some structure collapses happen due to failures of existing buildings or secondary and supportive structures; and
  • Some structure collapses occur due to a compromised connected or adjacent building. In other words, a neighboring building collapse can create a domino effect.

Reasons Building Collapses Occur

Every building collapse scenario is different, but most disasters stem from a few common reasons:

  • Design and architectural flaws can cause collapse;
  • A contracting company’s failure to take proper safety precautions can cause collapse during construction, remodeling, or demolition;
  • Structures can collapse from too much weight inside the building because of equipment or overcrowding;
  • A weak or damaged foundation. Adequate foundations should be strong enough to hold more than the weight of the building’s maximum capacity, as well as be free from damage, cracking and moisture; and
  • Use of inadequate materials can cause a weak structure, and ultimately, its collapse.

Who Is Liable for Injuries in Structure Collapses?

Many parties may be liable when structures collapse. Who is accountable for the accident? The responsibility likely falls on one or more of the property owners, contracting companies, private contractors, construction companies, manufacturers of equipment, or safety training and equipment companies.

Victims may have the ability to pursue multiple responsible parties for compensatory settlements, in addition to receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes, an individual pursues damages alone, but other times a group of workers band together as part of one lawsuit. This is called a class action lawsuit. The attorneys at SPBMC can help with these complex cases.

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