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Ladder Accidents new yorkGiven that construction sites are dangerous to begin with, safety is of utmost importance. If one party acts negligently and does not take the necessary precautions to ensure safety, the repercussions can be very serious and result in life-altering injuries.

Ladder Accidents in New York

At Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C., we represent construction workers and individuals who have been injured in ladder accidents, falls, crane injuries and more. We are one of the top personal injury firms in New York City and have obtained more than $2 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Ladders are frequently used at construction sites and can become dangerous instruments if they are not secured correctly.

Construction workers are often called upon to use a ladder for painting, masonry, carpentry, or any other construction-related endeavor. Ladders are often times not secured properly and as a result, can cause a fall resulting in injury or death.

Contractors sometimes provide the wrong equipment for a job. Where one type of ladder may be safe for a particular job, another type of ladder may be ill-suited and therefore unsafe.  Or, where a ladder is substituted for scaffolding, a worker can be put in an unsafe situation. Whether the proper ladder is provided or workers should be provided a scaffold, the laws are designed to protect a worker engaged in a height-related task. In most ladder accident cases, the New York Scaffold Law is advantageous to injured workers.

Common Causes of Ladder Accidents

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) enforces regulations designed to ensure the safe use of ladders at worksites. When an employer such as a general contractor fails to adhere to these regulations, they put their workers in danger. According to OSHA, falls are the number one cause of construction deaths. One-third of these deaths are the result of a ladder accident. These deaths and the many more injuries that occur can be prevented.

Important rules for ladder safety include the following:

  • Rungs, cleats, and steps must be parallel and evenly spaced
  • Ladders should never be tied together as a makeshift extension ladder
  • Ladder surfaces should not puncture skin or snag clothing
  • Secure footing or holding in position is required
  • Ladders need to be regularly inspected and kept in good condition
  • Ladders should never be used near electrical wires or equipment
  • Adequate landings or platforms are required to connect consecutive ladders
  • Areas near the top and bottom of a ladder must be kept clear
  • Ladders must be free of oil, grease, and other slippery hazards
  • Ladders must not be loaded beyond the rated weight or capacity

There are countless more rules regulating ladder safety. Depending on whether the ladder is fixed or permanent, different sets of rules and exceptions also apply. Intimate knowledge of how these rules apply to a ladder accident case is essential to any successful legal claim.

Common Ladder Accident Injuries

Ladders enable construction workers to reach great heights. Naturally, falls from these heights often result in devastating injuries. Common injuries from ladder accidents include the following:

Our NYC ladder accident attorneys will help your case

Our construction lawyers are well versed in the law of construction site accidents and have handled many cases involving injuries and death resulting from falls,  unsecured ladders or insufficient equipment. We can help you determine whether you have a case because of injuries sustained at a construction site.

Past Verdicts & Settlements in Ladder Accident Cases

  • Construction Accident – Unsafe Ladder – $2.5 Million Recovered – A 33-year-old carpenter fell from an unsafe ladder at a construction site, resulting in disabling injuries, including a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the right knee, wrist fracture, and herniated discs, requiring surgery.
  • Construction Accident – Fall from Ladder – $1.92 Million Recovered – A 41-year-old female sheet metal worker fell eight feet from an unsafe ladder, sustaining a disabling radial head fracture of the right arm and injury to the radial nerve, requiring surgery.
  • Construction Accident – Unsecured Ladder – $1.25 Million Recovered – 39-year-old painter fell 20 feet from an unsecured ladder, suffering permanently disabling dislocation of right shoulder, fractures of the left wrist and of the pelvis, with multiple surgeries.
  • Construction Accident – Lack of Hoisting Device – $1.5 Million Recovered – A 35-year-old building maintenance worker fell from a ladder while carrying a 40-lb. pail of Karnac, due to the failure to provide a hoisting device, resulting in fracture of the arm and ulnar nerve injury.

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