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Steel Structure Collapse Injuries Lawyer in New York

Construction workers face many risks to their health and safety. Some building structures are made of steel, and the steel skeleton of a building may collapse before construction is completed. Scaffolding, towers, and other secondary structures also contain elements of steel, and when they are improperly built, or overly stressed or weighed down, they may fail. This often results in catastrophic injuries and even death to construction workers or worksite visitors, in addition to multi-million-dollar property damage.

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Examples of Steel Structure Collapse

Many industries utilize steel structures, and the construction industry is just one of them. Not only can collapses injure workers, but individuals in neighboring buildings, individuals driving nearby, and pedestrians also can be hurt.

What are specific examples of steel structure collapse?

  • Steel structure frames of unfinished buildings can collapse.
  • Temporary steel scaffolding structure may collapse.
  • The integrity of steel structures within buildings erodes over time, ultimately causing the collapse of an entire structure.
  • Other materials, such as concrete, brick, and heavy equipment, can overload steel. Though steel is incredibly strong, it has maximum weight ratings like any other material.

Causes of Steel Structure Collapse

Steel structures collapse for many reasons, some of which are preventable, and others are more difficult to detect.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lays out clear rules for safety measures for working on steel structures. A company or employer is often liable when he or she violates these measures, resulting in an employee’s injuries or death.

Employers and construction companies must notate, and ultimately correct, any OSHA violations. When the employer fails to do so, he or she increases liability for workplace accidents. Violations are severe, particularly in regard to the structure of a building.

What are the most common reasons for steel structure collapse?

  • Steel erodes from the elements.
  • Beams from the manufacturer are defective.
  • Overloading steel structures that are not ready to bear weight can collapse. Weight-bearing steel structures collapse if forced over their weight ratings.  A steel phenomenon called steel creep can cause a structure to collapse.
  • Mismanagement of work on a steel structure can cause collapse.

Legal Counsel for Steel Structure-Related Personal Injury

You may be overwhelmed if you or someone you love incurred injuries in a construction accident involving a steel structure collapse. Injuries and grief often coincide with medical expenses and loss of work. Find out if you may be eligible to pursue a settlement to recoup medical expenses, which may help to ease some of your pain and suffering. Contact us for a free consultation today.