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When we place our loved ones in nursing homes, our loved ones have the right to expect that they will receive the quality and standard of care that they deserve and are entitled to as a matter of law. All too often, nursing homes prioritize profits over people. When nursing home abuse or negligence is suspected or known to have occurred you need to consider your options.  The best course of action would be to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in bringing actions against nursing homes for injury to their patients.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

As our loved ones become disabled, infirm and we are no longer able to provide them with the care they require, often we must place their care in the hands of those that we believe can best meet their needs and provide for their well-being and safety. They are the most vulnerable of our community in the greatest need of nursing, medical care and supervision of caring and competent individuals. However, that trust is not always met and as a result of substandard care, our loved ones who are confined in both residential nursing homes suffer serious or fatal injuries and are denied the services and respect that they are entitled to by law and according to the standards of nursing home practice.

nursing home abuse lawyerOur firm is very experienced in nursing home abuse and negligence cases and will help you pursue justice for your loved ones. We are uniquely qualified to bring such cases in that our attorneys are experienced in the litigation of nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence cases.

You Need An Experienced Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Proving liability in a nursing home abuse or negligence case can be very challenging. Nursing home physicians, nurses, and staff are not likely to simply admit their fault. They are likely to blame age or illness as the cause of a patient’s injuries. The truth is that many nursing home injuries are the result of substandard care. Slip and fall accidents often result when nursing home staff members fail to properly monitor patients or timely respond to patient requests for assistance.

Our firm is known for its ability to take on complex cases and go up against large corporate entities. Since 2000, we have recovered more than $2 billion on behalf of accident victims, including more than 400 cases in which our clients have recovered more than $2 million. We have successfully obtained compensation on behalf of many clients in nursing home negligence and abuse claims. As one of New York’s premier personal injury firms, we have the experience, resources, and commitment to protecting your rights. Individuals who have been injured as the result of a caretaker’s negligent behavior need strong representation. Knowing that you have someone on your side can make the legal process less challenging.

Bed Sores And Other Injuries From Neglect And Elder Abuse In Nursing Homes

Bedsore injuries are typically caused by a failure to timely turn patients who are bedridden and a lack of proper medical and nursing care, including such basic needs as nutrition, hygiene, and mobilization.  Other common nursing home injuries are often the result of a failure to properly monitor patients and tend to their basic needs. Some examples are infections, contractures of limbs, dehydration, and malnutrition

The elderly are more prone to suffering serious injuries from seemingly minor accidents because of their delicate condition. All nursing home patients must have individualized care plans that must be carefully followed by nursing home staff, including those that prevent falls and injuries, e.g., turning and positioning, meeting their nutritional needs, bedsore evaluation and prevention and exercise and movement. Lack of supervision and failure to follow care plans can result in serious injuries, including injuries from falls such as fractures and broken bones, bed sores and even undiagnosed medical conditions that allow the patient to deteriorate.

Malnutrition And Dehydration In New York Nursing Homes

For most people as they age their basic needs change and including their dietary needs.  The elderly are especially vulnerable to changes in intake of flood and liquids. In addition, certain health conditions can require a very regimented schedule for eating and keep hydrated. Frequently, personnel in nursing homes throughout New York neglect the care of patients, causing malnutrition and dehydration. If your loved one is not being treated with the level of care in which he or she should be, our nursing home negligence lawyers will represent your interests in suffering serious injuries claim or even wrongful death.

Have An Experienced New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Working On Your Side

At Sullivan Papain Block McManus Coffinas & Cannavo, P.C., we have an established reputation. When you work with our team, you know that you will have an experienced trial lawyer on your side. We do not back down from a challenge and strongly advocate for the best interests of our clients. Our lawyers have obtained million-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients and will work to make certain you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

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