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Pinned or Crushed Between Objects & Heavy Machinery Personal Injury

Heavy machinery on jobsites poses risks to construction workers and jobsite visitors every day. In addition to the risks of machinery rollovers, workers face the risk of being pinned under or crushed between heavy machinery and other equipment, or between heavy machinery and large beams. Sadly, these accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and death. Safety precautions exist for all jobsites and for heavy machinery itself, but accidents still happen. Often, the construction company or safety training provider is liable for these accidents and any resulting injuries due to negligence.

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Caught in Between Injuries

Jobsite safety is predominately structured by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA has a “Fatal Four” – a list of the most common and hazardous workplace injuries to avoid. Caught-in-between injuries fall into one of those four categories of injuries. These injuries result when a person becomes crushed and/or trapped between heavy equipment and other equipment or an immobile object. Broadly, these incidents can occur between any two large objects on a jobsite. They are included in the Fatal Four because, sadly, these accidents often result in debilitating injury or even death.

Tips for Avoiding Caught in Between Injuries

  • Use machinery with interlock technology and proper guarding.
  • Ensure machinery is up to current safety standards.
  • Protect yourself from being pinned between equipment, and other objects with special equipment, or by refusing to work on unsafe equipment.
  • Be wary of hazards on excavation sites.
  • Never walk on non-load-bearing surfaces.
  • Make some kind of visual or audible contact with all equipment operators before walking in front of or behind the machines.
  • Ensure all heavy machinery and vehicles be equipped with back-up alarms, as well as lights for hearing-impaired workers and loud work sites.

Legal Help for Caught-in-Between Accidents

Life can quickly become overwhelming when tragedy occurs on the jobsite. You may be dealing with your own severe injuries, or the injuries or death of a loved one. The stress involved can be a lot for people who are also concerned about their physical and/or financial well-being. The thought of going to trial to recover damages while confronted with personal loss and missed work can be daunting. However, with the help of the New York City personal injury attorneys at SPBMCC, you may be able to successfully win a settlement, which can assist in your recovery and getting your life back. Contact the firm for a free consultation today.