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Surgeons are responsible for performing complex surgical procedures on their patients. Every type of surgery requires a specific standard of care for the patient’s condition, and all medical professionals have a responsibility to adhere to this standard of care for every patient. If a surgeon or medical professional makes a negligent error that leads to patient harm, he or she commits medical malpractice and faces liability for the patient’s resulting damages.

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Why Hire an Attorney for a Surgical Malpractice Claim?

Countless possible factors may complicate a medical malpractice claim. Even a seemingly straightforward claim may require meeting strict court filing deadlines, contacting expert witnesses who can support a claim, and uncovering the full extent of the damages involved in a claim. The average person with no legal training will not be able to handle this alone while recovering from a surgery-related injury.

Examples of Surgical Malpractice

Doctors must use appropriate techniques approved by the medical community when treating patients. This means referring to proven, effective surgical techniques and only stepping outside the bounds of the consensus of the medical community in extreme circumstances. Surgeons and other medical professionals can commit surgical malpractice in many ways when they violate the standard of care for a patient’s procedure.

  • Operating on the wrong body part is surgical malpractice.
  • Failing to properly monitor patient vital signs during surgery is surgical malpractice.
  • Leaving sponges or surgical instruments inside a patient’s body during surgery is surgical malpractice.
  • Failure to properly close surgical wounds is surgical malpractice.
  • Negligent application of anesthesia, such as administering too much or too little, is surgical malpractice.
  • Failure to secure informed consent from the patient prior to conducting a procedure is surgical malpractice. Patients have the right to know all the potential risks associated with a proposed treatment before agreeing to that treatment.

Any of these examples could potentially lead to severe harm. A patient will likely incur additional medical expenses for corrective treatment as well as lost wages from extra time spent in recovery. Patients may secure compensation for pain and suffering if surgical malpractice causes painful injuries or disabilities resulting in psychological distress. Doctors who act with gross negligence may also face punitive damages and lose their professional licenses to practice medicine for severe offenses.

Winning a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A patient with grounds for a medical malpractice claim for surgical malpractice should have a medical malpractice attorney who can handle insurance issues, gather evidence necessary to build a strong case, and prove the extent of a client’s damages. If you or a loved one recently suffered any kind of injury from medical negligence during surgery or surgical malpractice, contact Sullivan, Papain, Block, McGrath & Cannavo, P.C., today to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys in New York City.